Stretching my limit

I feel like such a lola these days. Everything seemed to aching all over my body. I didn’t feel this much discomfort or pain when I was pregnant with Mischa. My mantra for the last couple of weeks: All for Baby’s sake. Sigh!

Good thing I have a very high tolerance for pain. It seems to me that the slightest movement causes a creak in my joints. My singit and tailbone feel the brunt of all the extra weight. Sometimes I wonder if they would just give way, you know. Getting up from the bed and waddling to the bathroom take so much effort. I always have to hold on to the bedpost, steady myself for a full minute and ready my pelvic joints to cooperate. It is so not easy.

As is midnight and early morning bathroom trips when I am in the middle of dream land.

Or Braxton Hicks contractions that often knocks the wind out of me, or makes me want to take go to the toilet again.

And the irritating rashes on my tummy. Although they are less serious now than when I was preggo five years ago, they still itch like crazy! To soothe them, I also scratch like crazy. Some of them had begun oozing blood with the way I am scratching them. Bad. Very bad.

I really can’t wait for these last five weeks to go flying by.

Name game

As the big day draws near, I am having some difficulties in zeroing in on the perfect name for Baby M. I don’t know why it is a little tricky this time. With my first, I have always liked the name Mischa, and it fit perfectly when I found out that it is a derivative of Michael, her dad’s name. And then Adrienne just latched on (it kind of came to me as I was listening to The Calling).

We actually had names in the last months, and I was already hung up on it. However, about two weeks ago, I found out that the second name was also the name of one of our employees here, prompting me to scavenge again in websites of baby names. Truth be told, it was really a bummer for me. The two names I have strung together seemed so perfect to me. While I was not shooting for exclusivity, and I am not definitely eyeing hard to pronounce or spell names, I have an issue with being gaya-gaya, especially if it’s me. Sorry, but I am weird that way.

I just want my kids’ names to be original enough but not so out of this world that they will be laughed at.

Anyway, so roughly five weeks and three days before this kid comes out, below is my shortlist. The first name have to start with M, of course.

Marguerite – pearl
Maxine – greatest (this is my best bet so far)
Miranda – extraordinary; to be admired
Morgan – white sea; bright
Moriah – God is my Teacher
Myrtle – victory

It is with the second name that I am having quite a difficult time but my choices are:

Agatha – kind; good
Aidan – small fire
Amelia – work of the Lord; hardworking
Amethyst – beneficient; purple gem
Athena – Goddess of wisdom
Callista – beautiful
Eliana – God has anwered
Elise – holy and sacred to God; noble
Eloise – intelligent
Faith – to trust
Fiona – white
Sadie – princess

Help me choose?


The recent long weekend gave us more time to nest. Baby’s new clothes and other stuff have washed. We fixed some rooms (actually, the hubby moved a lot of things around, but if I had my way, I would throw a lot of things or at least give away those we do not use anymore). And we checked out some things from my parents’ house and brought things over that Ate Mischa will pass on for baby’s use. So far, we got the crib, sterilizer, dresser, some containers and nappy bag. Of all her things, this crib really is so sulit! Mischa used it for more than three years, (the last two for napping only) and well on its way to house another kiddo. Truly value for money!


Most of our things are ready so far. Now just have to sit out the last seven weeks before D-day.

Preggo fashion

As we were on a really tight budget these days, I did not buy much new clothes during this pregnancy. I actually recycled a lot and was glad that most of what I had have not been out of fashion five years after. Good thing I have a tendency to go after mostly classics.

What I really loved finding about is Elin! Their clothes are sooooo comfortable and stretchy and just right for preggers like me. They also look like they will still fit even after I give birth, which is a major plus when I am struggling to go back to my pre-baby body. The prices are not too bad, either. And they deliver ultra fast! Had some minor glitch in one order but they were very professional in dealing with it, and immediately offered alternatives.

Here are some shots of me wearing my Elin merchandise. Pardon the puffy face, especially the eyes. With all that’s been going through with me (achy, achy all over!), I have not have the inclination to dress up and fix myself. My comb, powder and lip gloss are my best friends these days.


Starting to nest

Because D-day is fast approaching, I can slowly feel the pangs of nesting. In my last check up last Wednesday, my OB and I initially discussed on October 16 as the day Baby M will make her grand entrance to this world. That’s about nine weeks away! Because of that, I just had this sudden urge to start readying her things yesterday. Well, I’ve always been a compulsive shopper, and while I’ve starting looking online, I just had this urge to buy her stuff yesterday. Mind you, with experience on our hands with Mischa, we decided to just get the barest minimum. Also, Ate has so many pre-loved items that we can be passed on to her, especially the big ticket items like her crib and stroller. So a few things we bought:





She needs more, methinks. I don’t also want her to look and feel kawawa because her arrival isn’t as anticipated or looked forward to as a firstborn. We’ll get more for you baby.