Moving and moving forward

We will now have two kids in school. You would often hear parents “Don’t grow up too fast!” or “Where did time go?” in relation to bringing up kids. One minute they’re tiny, the next they’re spreading their wings and flying away from their nest. I’ve had these moments every time Mischa tries on thing after thing. But now it is the bunso‘s turn. Come August, she’ll join the throngs of school children. Earlier this month, we had her assessed at Mischa’s old pre-school, and been found that she can start toddler class. It is safe to say that she aced the “entrance exam”.

Some might say she maybe too young since she’ll be two months shy of being 3 by the time class opens. As with Mischa, there is really no pressure about her academics. For both of them, I just want the opportunities to learn and explore. As early as now, I want to expose her to the world, no matter how little the world maybe to her at this time. For her to just go beyond the confines of our house, and not be limited to our circle, her toys, and the gadgets around. And mostly, I just wish for her to have an alternative venue to expend her energies creatively.

Goodbye future kids

Sometimes I feel sad that I could never again nurture another human being inside my body. Despite the physical pain, not to mention the finances babies bring, I have never felt more powerful when bringing into this world another human being who would someday change the world. While we did not have concrete plans of having another baby, it makes me wistful that that opportunity is now gone forever. I said goodbye to my 3-kilo myoma, which I’ve been carrying around for the last 7 years or so, but at the same time, I bid adieu to the chance of contributing to humanity again. I am not healthier but there’s regret eating me up from the inside. It is sad that to make myself stronger, I had to give up my future kid(s).

Hello Kitty and friends fashion show

The little girls got lucky again because they got to watch another live show, this time Hello Kitty and friends. I am not so much a fan of the girly cat but I would always take the chance to spend quality time with my babies. And who can say no to free tickets? lol.

They didn’t delight in it as much as they did with the Disney on Ice, probably because Mickey really does have quite a pull with kids. What I liked about the show was the interactive parts when they engage and let the audience join in some parts of the script. There were huge bouncy, lightweight balls that the kids can catch and pass on, then there were the long swaths of cloth that each had to hold so that Kitty can do her fashion pieces.

Frankly, I dozed off on some parts, still I was happy because I didn’t have this much opportunities as a kid growing up. We stayed pretty much at home, going out just to visit family at their homes, but never going out as much as we do now. You could say I am living a second life, and I cannot be more thankful for it.







Fathers’ day staycation

Work has its perks sometime, and if the opportunity is there, why not grab it? Got a freebie at the Diamond Hotel in Manila because of the business we brought in last summer. And the best time to avail it? Fathers’ day!

So we checked in there about a fortnight ago. In the recent years, we have been used to always having the grannies tagging along because I sometimes feel guilty about leaving them since they take care of the kids while we are at work. But this time, we just didn’t have room as we were provided only 1 king-sized bed. It proved to be a little challenging as I don’t have extra hands in dealing with the kids. Mischa has long been independent but still needs supervision but Maxine is at her pinakamalikot stage. But I am also happy with the family ‘me-time’ this opportunity gave us.

Diamond Hotel is one of the finer hotels in the Metro. As soon as we entered its foyer, we were graciously greeted by immaculately dressed and made up ladies and gentlemen. Since it was Fathers’ day weekend, the hotel was a little full, and there was a medium-sized queue for valet parking and check-in. I had to grapple a bit with our bags with Maxine dangling on my waist. But all’s well that ends well! We were assisted by courteous front desk people, and soon enough, we were stepping into our room and an afternoon bliss awaited us.

For like five minutes haha. I think I have to wait another five years or so before I could lie on the bed, much less anything else, without worrying about someone being in any immediate danger such as falling off the bed, tripping over something or what have yous.

The room though! So inviting, so relaxing! I wish I had more time! If not for my home and kids, I would have loved to live off hotels. There is something about cool white sheets, fluffy pillows, and soft and thick covers. And Diamond Hotel does not disappoint. The color scheme is warm and cherry, perfect for business or pleasure. We were immediately at ease. Aside from the bed, we loved the couch and the writing table. The room also had up to date equipment, perfect for the tech-savvy.





And of course, aside from the room, we enjoyed dipping in the pool so much! Mischa didn’t want it to end, but our hands were beginning to prune so off we went. We had another round anyway again the following morning. But we all basically just lazed around. Kids also had fun doing bath tub time. Perfect, perfect day!

Breakfast was a wonderful affair. We just had to line for a while because as I said, it was Fathers’ day so the place was pretty packed. But the bacon, waffles and dimsum are so worth it! Too bad I didn’t get to take any pictures of the spread as well as the Corniche. I like it that it has a wide selection of Filipino, Japanese and Intercontinental fare. Maxine feasted on bread, Mischa on cereals, husband on anything healthy, and me, well…

Happy dads’ day to our dearest daddy! we left with our bellies and hearts full. Great memories were again created. I love my family!



Mischa is 7!


I posted on Facebook on her actual birthday last Monday that whoever coined the adage “Time flies when you’re having fun” was definitely spot on. I cannot believe that my firstborn is now 7 years old! It seems only yesterday that I was cradling her in my arms, in awe to witness a miracle, and now she’s her own person with her own personality and her own achievements.


It is true that she is my first love who taught me what unconditional love is. I have learned the truest sense of unselfishness because of her, and now because of Maxine. With other people, even your family or spouse, there is that feeling of self-preservation sometimes, but with your own children, pfft! Mischa’s and Maxine’s needs are first and foremost my priority in this life no matter what happens.

Growing up now, Mischa has had her share of being difficult and really emotional over the simplest things, which has tested my patience. But I will always have your back, anak. Mommy’s heart will always belong to you and Maxine. Nothing could ever measure how much you both mean to me. I love you more than life.

Alexa’s royal party

I think it’s a year of more children’s parties for us this year because Mischa and most of her classmates, both old and new, will turn 7 this year. I’m not sure in other countries, but in the Philippines, being 7 is a big deal. It seems like a crossing over from being a small kid to being a big kid (huhuhu for moms). I think it’s the general age of real independence and the period that every kid becomes himself or herself outside the family. It creates a myriad of emotions for parents like mne — from elation to anxiety and everything in between! It also makes me feel old hahaha. Our kids now have full-pledged friends that they don’t seem to need us that much anymore. Sniff! Just feeling nostalgic every time I realize everything seems to fly by so fast when it comes to raising kids. One minute they’re tugging at your skirts (or pants), the next they’re off giggling and whispering with their peers.

Anyway, our first this year is the Sofia the First-themed royal party of Denielle Alexa, one of Mischa’s classmates in AJV and a present school mate in Seton. Her family will soon move in to a new house about two blocks away from ours so I anticipate they’ll be closer than they were before when they start playing at each other’s houses. Alexa’s younger sister is also the same age at Maxine. I’m sure they’re going to be friends in the future too.



She had this part during her party that her elders sang native songs, I would assume, are of greetings and blessings. Must be a tradition from the province they came from. Very nice.


7th birthday parties now have the 7 roses, much like the 18 roses for debutantes when you dance with 18 of the most important boys/men in your life.


The girls, in turn, are the 7 balloons. Mischa was one. She said her birthday greetings and wish for Alexa.


Maxine also came to party!


Alexa and Mischa with Mischa’s old best friends in Kinder, Learsi.


Happy birthday Alexa!