40tude is an Attitude

Mischa’s schools is celebrating its 40th founding anniversary this year. One of its major, major activity is a school production called “40tude is an Attitude”. I call it major because the school and the participants, including Mischa, spent months and months of preparation for practices, costume fittings, dress rehearsals. We even had to pick her up at the last technical rehearsal at the Solaire Theatre at past 10:00 p.m. Not really the best time for kids to go home but…

And all their hard paid off! The show was spectacular! And my little girl was so good, I really wanted to cry in happiness! Here is a video:

But that was just the act where Mischa played a part in. They had, I think, more than 10 acts, each performed by selected grade levels. Could not take a video of them all, but they were all great.




Since the tickets were a little expensive, and kids below 3 years are not allowed, it was just me, Mike and Mico who watched while Maxine stayed with Mama and Lolo.

Dancing to Hi-5



Had a date with our eldest a few days before Christmas. Bought the tickets to the concert of one of her favorite groups at the moment, a long time ago. ย Happy that the Australian group came to Manila. Thanks to the promo of HSBC, we got 20% off the original price. Every cent was worth it though, the little girl had lots of fun singing and dancing to the beat of Hi-5 songs. She was right there at the front with all the other kids who adore the group. However, it was a mark that I am more mom than anything else that I have memorized all Hi-5 songs, and can sing along with the kids. I watch more kids’ shows now more than I do shows catering to my genre.

Career Day

Mischa’s school held a Career Day last week. The pre-school students were asked to come in costumes that will show what they want to become when they grow up. These will be showcased in a fashion show where they were also asked why they want to be what they want to be.

As you can see from the photo, my little girl aspires to be a rockstar. I actually gave her the idea because I know how she loves music, and she is fond of singing and dancing. Glad that she immediately latched on to the concept. We already did this get-up for creative shots for the graduation pictorial of the Kinder 2 students back in September. While most of her classmates want to be doctors, nurses and chefs, I am proud that she dared to be different. That she did not succumb to what was the fad or what was “in” with her classmates.



My little rockstar

Mischa has always exhibited a keen interest in music. She absolutely loves it whenever she receives musical instruments. It seems that, more than the toys themselves, she looks like she enjoys making music out of them. So far she owns a number of all sizes and shapes of guitars, xylophones, keyboards and drums, and I noticed that she prefers these, most of the time, to her dolls and other toys. I really hope she’ll be inclined to take music up as a hobby or even a way of life.


Rock on baby!

Proudly Pinoy

No matter you did not get the title, we are proud of you Jessica!

After David Cook’s (shoot me :)) reign some years back, I sort of lost interest in following American Idol again. But it got piqued again as soon as this little sixteen year old half Filipino, half Mexican, US-born and bred girl began doing wonderfully in the Top 12. Everyone thought she as a goner halfway through the competition, but got saved by the trio of judges (Jennifer Lopez rocks!!). Thanks to her continued superb performance all throughout the season, and the support of the multitude of Filipinos, Mexicans and Americans, she almost reached the top spot. Her renditions of “Dance with my Father”, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”, “And I am Telling You I’m Not Going”, “My All” gave all of us the “goosies”. What power her voice packs!

But then, American teenage girls got in the way, and voted for the blonde, all-American dude, and Jessica settled for second. Oh well, it was a great journey for someone as young as her. Everyone predicts she’s got her career in front her anyway.

Continue making us proud, kid!

Hooray for Today

The lyrics of this jingle from the latest McDonald’s commercial is so inspiring! As a follow up to my previous post, this also energizes my mornings, and makes me want to hop and skip as I go along the day. The melody is light and bubbly, and you can almost feel an infectious smile spreading through your lips. You would want to hug somebody after hearing the song.

Hooray for mornings and things that make them good
Hooray for beaming smiles that make my day
Hooray for stops and gos
Hooray for colors and quick hellos
Hooray for surprises that walk my way
Hooray for friends I’ll make, oh hey…hey!
Hooray for treats that make me smile,
Like magic stripes that fill the sky
Hooray for days that make me say,
Oh Hooray for today!

The Little Mermaid

Since I’ve put off doing a review right after watching The Little Mermaid musical last Saturday, I am now at a loss for words. lol. My brother Mico asked me to go see it since he “bought” the show to sell. And so we indulged. And I was not at all sorry. I don’t know if it’s just because I haven’t really had the time and luxury to go out (although I’ve been warming up in the last few months, being able to go out now without being overwhelmed with my feelings of guilt with the time I feel I was stealing from Mischa), but I enjoyed myself. Of course, musicals are really worth something as there is just perfect happiness in letting songs and melodies wash away your worries even for a while. While Rachelle Ann Go as Ariel, and Erik Santos as Prince Eric, did good as the lead characters, it was really Sebastian (played by OJ Simpson) who put a smile on my face that night. Although I find their movements a tad awkward, especially Ariel, as she tried sashaying like a fish but with feet. I’d rather have her pushed and moved round the stage on a makeshift platform at panindigan nang walang paa ang mermaid para makatotohanan. Oh well, as long as the songs were done good, I was okay with the whole thing. I am no professional critic, I was just there to enjoy, and let the songs of one of my favorite cartoons bring me back to my childhood.