A superhero Christmas

It’s that time again that a lot of drafts are still languishing in my dashboard. From my Europe trip in October to our family vacation in Singapore to my very recent Visayas adventures with new friends. Ugh! I would like to think that life happens, and I just couldn’t find the time to sit down and jot down all my thoughts and jab at my keyboard. I will finish all of those, I promise!

In the meantime, let me bring you my own kind of superhero.

The pre-school department of her school had a Superhero-themed Christmas party. I would have liked for her to wear something that’s not generic but, again, time was not something I had, so I had to shoot down plans of hunting for costumes. So she ended up as Wonderwoman (in pants!), like about a hundred other girls 😦

But still the cutest, of course 🙂

Recycling outfits

We seemed to be in such a hurry these days with all the flurry of activities. We didn’t get to prepare much for Maxine’s birthday, and now, we didn’t have time to get her a proper United Nations outfit. Good thing though, her class was assigned the Latin American region, so we just recycled her costume from last year. It fits her well now where before it was loose. The best part is that we saved! Yay!

And this year, I get to watch her perform. Good job baby! Although I almost did a stage mother thing when her classmate kept on blocking her! I itched to push her aside. lol. Thank God for my manners!

Little Vampirina

Our little ball of sunshine turned four today! She has chosen this year’s theme months ahead, but for once, I was not able to make a career out of planning it. I even hit a little snag with the cake but thank goodness I found a good supplier that delivered well. And I am glad the celebrant loved it!

Happy, happy birthday, sweetie! Thank you for making our lives so much happier and livelier.

Now bottle-less

Hooray for another milestone in our family! We are now officially bottle-less! She did it by herself with just a little prodding. Really my independent baby. Mischa was much older when she weaned from the bottle.

To be honest, I am kind of sad (or just nostalgic). Our days of having babies in the house are fast disappearing. It makes everything easier and cheaper on the one hand, but it still makes me wistful that the kids do not need me as much. Makes me feel older, too.

Skipping a year

Our baby skipped a year, and moved from Toddler to Nursery 2. This is because of a new policy in the age requirement for school-age children when they enter kindergarten. While I am a bit scared for Maxine because her classmates have taken more lessons than her, I truly believe she can make it and take everything in stride. I wasn’t there (again) for this milestone but her Daddy tells me that it was the bigger kids who were crying for their mommies and daddies. Not my fiercely independent baby!

This is my fighter daughter! I love you Maxine as much as my next breath! Mommy and Daddy will always support you and Ate in everything you do.

A decision to be made

To join now or next year?

So many factors to consider, first of which, we find her so young to be going to school much farther from the house. She’s still such a baby in so many ways despite the fierce determine to be independent. Frankly also, while we saw the marked improvement in her during her stay in her current school, we still want her to attend big school. Anyhow, we just let her be assessed in Ate’s school, and now that she has passed, we are stumped on where to actually enroll her. lol. I have until Friday to decide (that’s the deadline for the reservation).

Please help us, O Lord, in making the right decision for our little girl.