A decision to be made

To join now or next year?

So many factors to consider, first of which, we find her so young to be going to school much farther from the house. She’s still such a baby in so many ways despite the fierce determine to be independent. Frankly also, while we saw the marked improvement in her during her stay in her current school, we still want her to attend big school. Anyhow, we just let her be assessed in Ate’s school, and now that she has passed, we are stumped on where to actually enroll her. lol. I have until Friday to decide (that’s the deadline for the reservation).

Please help us, O Lord, in making the right decision for our little girl.

Finishing toddler level

We are on a high today. First, the baby completed her toddler level with flying colors. Whoopee! We couldn’t be prouder to see her on stage. From the start, I had no expectations from her in terms of excelling because I know she is a toddler. I just want her to be surrounded by kids her own age and have enough appropriate stimuli in a toddler environment (instead of being stuck inside the house all day). And at the start of the school year, she was barely talking, and we are happy that she has improved by leaps and bounds since then.

Thank you to her teachers and the school for helping her find her mark. I am very pleased with her awards because it also shows, more than her cognitive development, that she is imbibing and exhibiting the appropriate values in life this early. I thank the Lord because I must have been doing something right in bringing her up.

We love you so much kulit!

It is more painful that it looks

There is nothing more heartbreaking that seeing your child in pain, much more if it is inflicted so that she will get better ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It literally feels as if you heart is torn as each needle, catheter, medicine, etc. enters her little body. I would gladly take on all the pain when you helplessly see your offspring like that as she cries her heart out and looks at you and calls you mommy. So, so gut wrenching! We didn’t even think she was that bad of a shape when we brought her for a routine check up to accompany her Ate. Turns out that her vomiting episodes that morning brought her to a state of moderate dehydration already.

There was no energy left in her after being spent as doctors and nurses inserted all those devices in her. I could only hug her tight and whisper to her that everything will be alright and that mommy is beside her. I pray with all my heart that neither of them get sick anymore. I couldn’t take it anymore, especially since this is Maxine’s third time to be hospitalized.

After three days, we were finally given the go signal to go home. I was rewarded with this smile, and thank the Almighty for His healing hands.

Maxine’s first field trip

Missed this once again as I had a work-related training on the same date. I am wistful that I keep on missing out on these important events but I am trying to convince myself that whatever I am doing for work, I am doing for their future. Such are the woes of working mothers like me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Anyway, her daddy went her and I could see that she had fun! It was exciting that the school prepared a different kind of itinerary for them, which is not the usual field trips for preschoolers. This one seemed like a true learning experience. They went kite flying, watched a puppet show then went to a famous (kind of expensive) indoor theme park.

Toddler grades

Woot woot for the baby bunso!

So proud and happy of her improvements in school. The good grades are a bonus. But more importantly, our hearts swelled during the parent-teacher conference when her class adviser told us how her speech has expanded by leaps and bounds. Also, at this stage, she is showing signs of being a good leader. Among her peers, she is still the only one who doesn’t cry when no one around is familiar, and she has also mastered her class’ daily routine.

Good job, baby! Keep it up!