Warner and Michelle’s wedding

Yesterday was my first time to attend a wedding in Iglesia ni Cristo rites. I must say that it was different from what we Catholics are used to. What I liked best about the sermon was when the minister kept on repeating that kaloob ng Diyos ang iyong asawa. It was like the Holy Father chose your spouse especially for you.

This was the wedding of one of our old friends at the office, Warner and his partner, Michelle. Warner and I go way back early 2000s when we started working at the CFO. And although we are not that close, I would say he was instrumental in the hubby’s and my beginnings so we made him a godfather to Mischa. Hehe. And as always, weddings, baptisms, and even funerals are also the best times for reunions! It’s happy and sad at the same time that we see some of our closest friends and family during special occasions only.


Congratulations and best wishes to the couple!

And let me be a little vain okay? Wanted to post this picture (although not totally related to this post) because I feel I look a lot thinner here.


Out of town anniversary

Hooray for another family milestone! We’re officially six years and counting, five of them official. And to celebrate, we decided to go out of town this time. Since we do not have a big budget to consume, the logical choice is Tagaytay City because it is just a little more than an hour’s drive from our place. Also, it gives you a sense of being away “from it all” because it has a totally relaxed, cool vibe as opposed to Manila. It has a year-round cool climate making it the quick getaway place, especially for those who do not have a lot of time to spare but want to escape the city.

We got ourselves a room at the Taal Vista Hotel, one of the oldest and classiest hotels in the city. There are a lot of new boutique hotels that have sprouted in the famous hangout in the last few years. They all seem inviting but I still found it best to have full service that hotels offer. Our room was a bit old but furnishings are still okay. Baby immediately found her place in the king-sized bed.


Since we just drove around lunchtime in time for check in at 2:00 p.m., we had lunch first at Leslie’s at the Sky Ranch. By the way, we just walked from the hotel as the complex was just next door. We feasted on inihaw na tawilis, hubby’s favorite, and bulalo.


Sky Ranch is another relatively new project of SM holdings. The theme park is quite new, and is home to the tallest ferris wheel in the Philippines. the Sky Eye. It has a variety of rides for kids and adults alike, a sizable area for horseback riding, restaurants, and other food stalls.


The little has been insisting to ride a real horse even before we left the house. So happy she got her wish.


And played and rode to her heart’s desires.






Here she is while waiting for me to get dinner, which we had at our room. By the way, the Kenny Rogers restaurant there sucks big time. Took us more than thirty minutes to get our food.


Winding down after an afternoon of fun.


The hotel also boasts a sumptuous breakfast buffet ranging from healthy choices to tasty but cholesterol-full food. Guess who chose which. harhar.



Mama and Lolo also followed and spent some time with us. We all wanted to go to church together but it was early for the three of us (hubby, Mischa and I) so we settled for mass held in the hotel premises (good thing they have these!).


She happily ran around the wide expanse of grass. A good respite from always sitting around the house or in school. The only thing she wasn’t able to do was swim in the hotel pool. Unfortunately, it was brrrr-ery cold during our stay. We promised her we’ll come back a second time.


After checking out, we drove a little further still to Sonya’s Garden in Alfonso for lunch. Will tell you more about it in my next post.

I wish we could always do this, steal time and hide from the world. So good to be with just family and nature. Thank you Lord God for giving us another year together, and looking forward to the next big things You will give our way.

Her first starring role

I was one proud mommy last Saturday when Mischa had her first stint as a flower girl at her uncle’s wedding (my first cousin). I have been preparing her mentally for some weeks now, and have been coaching her to walk and bring flowers to Papa Jesus at the altar. And you know what, she actually did! It was a really different kind of giddy. Haha. I know it’s not good to think and feel that somehow your child will “fail” at doing what she was supposed to do, but I was really so afraid that I would end up walking beside her just to prod her along. Thank you, anak, for proving mommy wrong.

Congratulations JR (our bunso cousin on my maternal side) and Chame! Your union is now perfect and blessed by the Lord. Are we seeing other little Joakeens soon?

As a side note, it was good to see my old coordinators, Janice and Rina of Classic Unlimited, at the wedding. Such a small world that they are the cousin’s coordinator, too.


My folks just celebrated their ruby anniversary three days ago. And being the kind of people they are, they are not prone to celebrations, especially those not involving their children. So it went up to us to prepare something for them. An intimate dinner with some wine would have been the order of the day but we thought that they probably wouldn’t enjoy themselves without us. And so because I wanted something new for them instead of the usual mall fares, and because I fell in love with this, I decided to bring them to Casa Roces for dinner. Looks like they enjoyed themselves naman but I really wanted it to be extra special pa. Hmmm, maybe I ought to buy them something ruby. After all, it’s not everyday every couple celebrates their 40th wedding anniversary.

Gee, that’s a really long time, don’t you think? Sometimes I do ask myself if they ever get bored with each other (just musings, please don’t judge me). I wonder if they still remember the details of their wedding day in the same church the hubby and I got hitched? Can they still recall the love in the air? The quiet anticipation? The jitters? I sometimes think about what they think when they see us, their children, and how they raised us. Are they proud? Do they have a sense of satisfaction?

My little family has been staying with them for the past seven months ever since we moved out from our previous home. What could they have been doing if not taking care of my daughter?

But really, you gotta hand it to them. We’re a long way off from the foundation they have laid (we will also be celebrating our third later this month). I look at them with a mixture of awe and envy. But as my brother put it, forever is indeed possible. May you guys have a fuller life ahead! We are beyond grateful for all that you have done to help us establish ourselves and make a mark in this world.

Troy and Amanda’s wedding

Straight from a whole day of fighting and slugging it out with CFO colleagues for our annual CFOlympics (I will write a separate post on this soon), we went to clean up real fast and pick up the baby, to go to our kumpare‘s wedding reception. Too bad we didn’t get to attend the ceremony in church. But good thing we were only a town apart, that made it easier for us to catch up. My head was pounding like crazy and I had the beginnings of a flu but I soldiered on to spend a part of the evening with Mischa’s ninong. After all, he invited only a handful from the office. It must have been the bad combination of staying outdoors with the sun and rain competing for attention.

Congratulations Troy and Amanda! Happy years ahead.

Another tick on the calendar

Two years and counting! Yay! Make that three. I have to explain to everybody who sent greetings that we’re actually celebrating our second wedding anniversary and third as bf/gf. Yep, both fall on the same date. We were walking down the aisle as we celebrated our first year of being together. Been two years since we said our I do’s.

With all the madness going around our workplace, we almost didn’t get to celebrate at all. We weren’t actually planning on anything since we’re saving up for our upcoming trip to Hongkong later this weekend. But the hubby surprised me with gifts two days in a row. *blush*. So now, I’m pressured because I haven’t gotten him anything. And with my crazy schedule, I can’t steal away a few hours to go somewhere to buy something decent. I’m lucky if I could sit on my desk for an hour with all the meetings I have to attend and prepare for. And I have to go away for two days for a planning workshop out of town. Goodness! Thank God for the few minutes that I could squeeze in this post at lunch today.

Anyway, we stole away a very simple dinner last night to cap the day off. It was nothing fancy like we hoped for but we loved it anyway. It was good to just sit together without worrying about anything. We’re just going to have a blast in HK.