Our little big Euro-Pinoy friend

Advanced happy birthday to this little guy!

What a cutie! His mom used to work with us a few years back. His dad is German, but they live in Japan right now. They’re home now and this was an advance celebration for this first birthday. It was very simple but intimate. So great to catch up with friends who have since sought other pastures. As with other gatherings, there’s always this feeling of growing old, but getting wiser too. It is them I miss a lot.


Despite the minor nuisance in my life, someone will always, always love you and your craziness. I am normally uneasy about these kinds of activities, because I get stressed if things get too awkward, but it always ends up okay, and then I become thankful again. I’m sorry Lord God for the doubts and self-pity. Thank you for the constant reminder that You are by side and above me and all the things I constantly worry about.

Goodbye future kids

Sometimes I feel sad that I could never again nurture another human being inside my body. Despite the physical pain, not to mention the finances babies bring, I have never felt more powerful when bringing into this world another human being who would someday change the world. While we did not have concrete plans of having another baby, it makes me wistful that that opportunity is now gone forever. I said goodbye to my 3-kilo myoma, which I’ve been carrying around for the last 7 years or so, but at the same time, I bid adieu to the chance of contributing to humanity again. I am not healthier but there’s regret eating me up from the inside. It is sad that to make myself stronger, I had to give up my future kid(s).

Family holidays

This sums up our tiring but happy holidays at the close of 2016 and the beginning of 2017:














We ate a lot, and had much, much fun, especially the kids who played to their hearts’ desires. And if they’re happy, then I am happy. Plus we got to spend a lot of time with my baby bro. All in all, I was exhausted (getting old here) but then I can always rest after all the excitement has died down, and the memories will remain online (forever I hope) and in our hearts.

It is always a struggle to take photos of the kids, especially Maxine who is active more than ever! We cannot achieve that polished family look harhar. #real

Thank you Lord God for the gift of family and love. Thank you for the time we were able to spend with them. We may not have much, and we struggle most of the time. But we are together.

My charming girl

This is my charming, talkative and uber likot baby. I can’t believe that she’s turning two next week! But compared to her Ate, she’s still so much our “baby”. Ate just physically developed exactly as what studies of medicine have predicted. But Maxine is taking her sweet time at every phase, like sprouting first tooth at almost 12 months and started walking at 15. Also, she seems to take after me in terms of height and other physical attributes. Ate is more longish, but Maxine and I are on the petite and chubby side. However, she is the quite the bright star and also the drama queen at home. She always brightens up every minute of our lives with her lively antics.


See that mischievous twinkle in her pretty eyes? I bet that she’s the kind of girl that you couldn’t resist because it comes naturally to her to charm people. I hope I would be able to stay made at her long and hard enough if she does something wrong. I hope I won’t cave in to her smile and doe eyes, or even her tears, when I need to discipline her. I tell you that right now, I am having a hard time when she does her cute tantrums. It makes me forget that I am teaching her lesson because I my heart just goes out to her when she cries.

She’s the antithesis of her sister but we both love them to bits. Where Mischa is reserved, Maxine is just so out there. Where Mischa is cautious, Maxine is a risk taker. Where Mischa is temperamental and moody, Maxine is gleeful. How lucky am I to be blessed twice!

Just the girls


It was a little weird at first that us girls were left to our devices. It is usually I who travel (due to work) and the girls are left with their dad. This time around, it was the hubby who had to go home to his home province following the death of his paternal grandmother. And so it was just us girls for four days. It was a first since Maxine was born. Things were harried in the mornings, especially when you had to prepare a kid for school, and you lose one adult to help out. I had to wake up earlier than usual so I have more time for the girls. And I had to fend off sleep until both are sleeping soundly. But all in all we survived. We missed Daddy but it was also refreshing to have them to myself. There is nothing I love more than cuddling their warm and sweet bodies.