Blood drive

Joined a good cause today, and donated blood to the Red Cross. The bloodletting is part of the office’s anniversary celebration. This is actually my first time because I got rejected once because I just had oral surgery several months prior, and they said I still retain some anesthesia in my system.

They took some 450 ml. of blood. I was actually okay after resting, and even gone down and dutifully ate the food they provided and drank more liquids than usual. However, after an hour or so, I felt kind of lightheaded. Not dizzy as I was expecting but more like my head has been detached from the rest of my body. lol. I had to let go of a meeting because I just can’t. Rested a bit more and felt better after a couple of hours. But I would like to do this again sometime. Donating blood is actually healthy as you get to replace your blood cells, at the same time you’re helping save lives.

Biggest loser 2018

I didn’t make a career out of it but glad that I won second place, yay! Earlier in January, we were all challenged at the office to safely lose weight. The contest ran for 15 weeks until April. The results: from the initial weigh in of 138 lbs, I clocked in at 123 on the last session.

The not-so-secret, simple strategies I did:

1) Increased water intake a hundredfold! Yup, I am quite a lazy drinker but I made it a point to drink so much more. I thought that it would up my metabolism and make it easier to remove toxins in my body.
2) Eat only two boiled eggs every other day. I would have made it everyday but I didn’t want to shock my body with the sudden loss of food intake as I am used to quite a heavy breakfast.
3) Cut down on rice intake. For Filipinos, this is such a hard task as rice is so much part of our diet and culture. So it doesn’t again shock my body, I gradually decreased this by eating fruits and veggies only at dinner. I figured I don’t need the carbohydrates when I am about to sleep anyway.
4) Cut down on sugary drinks. Thank goodness I am no fan of Coke but I like my iced tea and coffee 3 times a day.
5) Avoided Tried to avoid meat at all costs. I failed many times over, I am only human.
6) Used the stairs more instead of riding the elevator. I know I had to put in some physical activity in there somewhere.
7) Substituted green tea for coffee! This may have been the key, really. I was no fan of tea before, but it has grown on me.

After a few weeks into it, I began to feel the changes. I could fit better in my clothes, especially my pants. My jaw began showing itself again. And I don’t huff and puff as much when I need to walk some distance or when going up and down the stairs. And many more!

I swore to myself that this challenge is that – a challenge, something to try and work hard at to achieve success. But I also promised that I will not sacrifice so much that I will starve or let the lack of food affect performance both at home and at work. It has to be gradual and I should still be happy at the end of each day, not grouchy and weak because I was lacking energy from eating rabbit food or other equivalent. I should still be functional and would enjoy myself. I still found time to binge of my super favorite ramen and pasta at least once a week. Hmmmm maybe next time, I would refrain from having these hehehe.

Essential oils

In a bid to improve the health of the kids, Ninong Mico gave us some essential oils. Essential oils are basically essences of plants that have various uses, in this case, we are after their healing properties. This is a great alternative for commercial medicines, which could be potentially harmful for the body in the long term.

There are dozens of variations of essential oils, and for beginners like me, this can be a little daunting on what mixes work for specific ailments. Good thing that the starter kit Mico bought has been pre-mixed, and specifically targeting sniffles, germs and the immune system. If you know our family, you would be aware that we are predisposed to pulmonary diseases, such as allergyrhinitis and asthma. So these three are all good. They’re kid-friendly, and the application to the kids’ bodies at night gives us additional bonding moments because of all the touching. The room even smells like a spa afterwards. Really hope they work.

It is more painful that it looks

There is nothing more heartbreaking that seeing your child in pain, much more if it is inflicted so that she will get better ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It literally feels as if you heart is torn as each needle, catheter, medicine, etc. enters her little body. I would gladly take on all the pain when you helplessly see your offspring like that as she cries her heart out and looks at you and calls you mommy. So, so gut wrenching! We didn’t even think she was that bad of a shape when we brought her for a routine check up to accompany her Ate. Turns out that her vomiting episodes that morning brought her to a state of moderate dehydration already.

There was no energy left in her after being spent as doctors and nurses inserted all those devices in her. I could only hug her tight and whisper to her that everything will be alright and that mommy is beside her. I pray with all my heart that neither of them get sick anymore. I couldn’t take it anymore, especially since this is Maxine’s third time to be hospitalized.

After three days, we were finally given the go signal to go home. I was rewarded with this smile, and thank the Almighty for His healing hands.

Eye surgery

After months of continuous eye drops therapy, Mama finally agreed to undergo eye surgery. When her blood pressure shot up in the middle of 2017, our family doctor made her take up several tests to determine what causes her hypertension, including laboratory exams and clearance from ENT doctors. Turned out that she did have issues with glaucoma, an age-related defect of the eye where the pressure is high, and a beginning cataract. If left unchecked, this combo may cause permanent damage or blindness.

Yes, and as I said, Mama succumbed to our combined pressure). Her eye doctor was really a big help, too. He had the right amount of competence (you can tell by the way he talks that he’s not after the money, he is genuinely concerned with his patients), confidence and bedside (in this case, clinic side) manner. Mama is basically afraid because it is still surgery after all, and thought that she was too old for this. However, Dr. Perez convinced her that her eyesight would greatly improve (she might not need glasses later on), the pressure in the eye would be greatly reduced, and the actual operation is a walk in the park. It was finally done earlier this week.

While her normal activities can resume the day after, I still had to take some time off to be with her, and assist her. Since there are a number of medications being put on the eye round the clock, I also didn’t want her to go out just yet so I brought the bunso to school myself. Yay for mom-chauffeur this week! Also brought mama to check ups. Exciting week for me and the kids, especially, because I know we both like it when I take care of them.

The prognosis on Mama’s eye is good, too, and we are positive that everything’s a-okay. I know it is now time for me to take care of my parents as they are in their golden years.


The thing with humans, we are prone to wear and tear. And it is unfortunate that my years of allowing myself good food is slowly catching up on me. Sigh! My belief in “You Only Love Once” is not suiting me fine right now. So I’ll try to be a good girl for a while and chomp rabbit food, and faithfully drink prescription medicines that were initially designed for elder people. I will beat you uric acid and cholesterol!


Perfect timing as usual, my dear bunso. Why oh why do your sick days fall at times I am or will be away at a significant length of time, or I am or will in a place that need long haul flights? Not that I want you to get sick at all…but more so when I cannot be with you.

Thank God you are better, and I can leave for a while with some peace of mind. We can put behind the last three days of our being in the ER and your consequent confinement. Never mind that we spent Daddy’s birthday at the hospital. I will still be thinking of you and Ate for most of my waking hours anyway. You will understand, I hope, in the future, that all of leaving are for you and your sister. All of what I do are for you both.