Hillside Cafe and Juice Bar

After binge-ing for the past couple of days, time to detoxify! This restaurant is not typically my cup of tea, but we were meeting Mico halfway from the north to our home, he suggested this as it was near where he was working out. You could guess that, from among what we ordered, mine was not green 🙂

Hillside Greens (spinach, moringa, mango, chia seeds, coconut meat and water)

Raw zucchini pesto pasta

Tofu teriyaki

Corned grass-fed beef short ribs

Squid ink pasta

It’s not so bad. For someone like me, doesn’t really look appetizing, eh? But it worked for the rest of my family.

Goodbye future kids

Sometimes I feel sad that I could never again nurture another human being inside my body. Despite the physical pain, not to mention the finances babies bring, I have never felt more powerful when bringing into this world another human being who would someday change the world. While we did not have concrete plans of having another baby, it makes me wistful that that opportunity is now gone forever. I said goodbye to my 3-kilo myoma, which I’ve been carrying around for the last 7 years or so, but at the same time, I bid adieu to the chance of contributing to humanity again. I am not healthier but there’s regret eating me up from the inside. It is sad that to make myself stronger, I had to give up my future kid(s).

We are okay

It was a sabbatical again of sorts for our family. One after the other, my dad and I went under the knife in the name of health. While both of our conditions were not immediately life threatening, we both decided that prolonging keeping abnormal growths in our bodies would not do any of us any good.

I was the reluctant patient. I have had this myoma, or at least I have known about it, since I got pregnant with Mischa. And it’s not getting smaller, nor going away at all. Since it is beginning to affect other parts of my body, plus I haven’t lost the prego look because of my bulging tummy, we decided to bid it goodbye. The operation was even more painful, and even more expensive, but I am glad because I am now okay.

Dad, on the other hand, was kinda raring to have his brain surgery after we found out he has meningioma, a non-cancerous type of tumor in the brain. We were all afraid because, hello, it is the brain that’s affected, and we were majorly concerned about him undergoing the surgery and the recovery after. And as with mine, he is doing better, and is also now okay.

Thank you Lord.

Nutrition program

This year, we decided to enroll Mischa in the school’s nutrition program. Supposedly, it is designed to address the nutritional deficiencies of kids by creating a well-balanced menu for the whole school year. As it is quite heavy on the pocket, we are now testing it out for the first term. Here is the menu from the last week of June until July.


We will see if we will continue in the succeeding school terms. My take is that at least, we have started doing away little by little with free radicals in hotdogs, chicken nuggets, ham and other kid-favorites. We now have more choices of “real” food, and I can see that she has started expanding her horizon when it comes to food. I don’t have to rack my brains about what to feed her picky appetite. Yay!

The cook strikes again

Okay I got to admit that ever since I had Maxine (read: 2 kids under the age of 5 at that time), cooking took a backseat. Whereas before when Mischa was a baby, I had help, and then when she grew up a little, we only had one kid around the house. Any mom, working or being a full-time one, can attest that exhaustion most often creeps up on you although we don’t like to admit that sometimes we want to complain.

Anyway, as we seem to be pretty much exhausted all the time, my efforts at the kitchen have been pretty much limited to preparing dishes in a hurry or that which takes as little tasks as possible. Hence, adobo and sinigang have taken centerstage, yummy yet easy to prepare.

But this weekend was a long weekend, and I feel kinda refreshed and rested so I went back to planning our menu (at least for the weekend), and actually executing them. Wheee! Also my poor picky panganay badly needs to be taught to eat a variety of food now that she’s all grown up, and the little one is experimenting with taste so…


Clockwise: sauteed pork and beans, minced chicken with eggplant, chicken pastel

The beginnings of asthma

I am sad that my bunso does not seem to be made of tougher stuff like her ate. While she’s so charming and lively, she gets sick more often than not. We always have to bring her to the doctor apart from the required check ups. Last weekend, after a bout of cough, shortness of breathing warranted another trip to the clinic. I literally saw my younger self as I watched her catch her breath, with shoulders high and a deep gap between her collarbones broke through. I knew the signs, have lived them for the most part of my childhood. Maxine, unfortunately, has an early onset of asthma 😦

Poor kid. She had to be nebulized at the clinic, and we even had to buy one of our own for home use. Sigh. It was always so hard living a life of asthma. We are hoping this goes away quickly and doesn’t hound her as she grows up.


My poor baby

Of all the times that you have to get sick, and to spend time at the hospital at that, is when I am thousands of miles and several hours’ worth of flying time away.


I couldn’t imagine the pain and trauma you went through. Mommy wished with all her heart that she was with you. Despite being in beautiful, new places I should have enjoyed, I was thinking of you and praying with all my might for God’s healing hands to touch you. I am glad that you are beyond okay now. I am happy that Ate Mischa never had to experience this, and I hope it won’t happen to you ever again. Poor you, poor Daddy who had to take care of you by himself, poor Ate who still have school to contend with. But thank God for Ninong, Mama and Lolo.