Eye surgery

After months of continuous eye drops therapy, Mama finally agreed to undergo eye surgery. When her blood pressure shot up in the middle of 2017, our family doctor made her take up several tests to determine what causes her hypertension, including laboratory exams and clearance from ENT doctors. Turned out that she did have issues with glaucoma, an age-related defect of the eye where the pressure is high, and a beginning cataract. If left unchecked, this combo may cause permanent damage or blindness.

Yes, and as I said, Mama succumbed to our combined pressure). Her eye doctor was really a big help, too. He had the right amount of competence (you can tell by the way he talks that he’s not after the money, he is genuinely concerned with his patients), confidence and bedside (in this case, clinic side) manner. Mama is basically afraid because it is still surgery after all, and thought that she was too old for this. However, Dr. Perez convinced her that her eyesight would greatly improve (she might not need glasses later on), the pressure in the eye would be greatly reduced, and the actual operation is a walk in the park. It was finally done earlier this week.

While her normal activities can resume the day after, I still had to take some time off to be with her, and assist her. Since there are a number of medications being put on the eye round the clock, I also didn’t want her to go out just yet so I brought the bunso to school myself. Yay for mom-chauffeur this week! Also brought mama to check ups. Exciting week for me and the kids, especially, because I know we both like it when I take care of them.

The prognosis on Mama’s eye is good, too, and we are positive that everything’s a-okay. I know it is now time for me to take care of my parents as they are in their golden years.

Still on Post-Christmas get-togethers

This should have been one of the firsts considering they’re family, but here we go. My mom’s side of the family only met last weekend, and we were joined by a new member in the person of little Jacob. Soon, and praying with crossed fingers, the addition of another one. One of my cousins, who has lost five babies (I’ve lost count), is again expecting a wee one, and I really, really, really pray and hope for them that this will be it.

Katsuyasu Restaurant

Yesterday, the folks celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary. Wow! We hope to reach that far, too.

The husband and I went home early to take them out to dinner. There’s a relatively new place in town about five minutes away from home that we have been dying to check out. It’s a Japanese restaurant called Katsuyasu, and if you know us, we’re major Japanese food fans. Last New Year’s Eve, when we brought a maki platter at a different restaurant, the owner kind of, without naming names, badmouthed nearby Japanese restaurants by saying that the new ones are only copying hers, and hers is the only authentic one around. So that piqued our curiosity even more.

So what better time to try it out than this anniversary celebration?

Since it was a weekday, the place was practically deserted. When we arrived, there was only one other table filled. I liked the modern feel of the whole place–it was airy and bright. I hope they can sustain this in the long run. Also, the staff were very courteous and nice despite very ugly reviews earlier on. Good job that the management decided to do something about this. The comments were kinda glaring, and if I had read those before we came, might not have tried it at all.

It was like ramen since we all had ramen except for mama who had yakisoba. And because ramen runs through my blood and is in the top 5 things-I’m-glad-were-invented, I am elated that the kids are beginning to like it as much too! Yay! Aside from ramen, we had our regular favorite salmon sashimi, kani salad and California roll. Price was great, too, because the servings were larger than usual.

Ushering 2018

New beginnings and new chances at life are given to us again as we stepped onto a new year. Always praying and hoping that things would be better, brighter and more bountiful than ever. We greet the new year with a renewed sense of purpose. I am just plain happy and content that we are all together.

And my masterpiece for this year hehehe

Because I received a cheese board over Christmas.

And had an impromptu get together with one branch of our family. Great reason for the great-grandchildren of Mamay Asio and Nanay Angge to bond over food and toys.

Rainbow Dreams Cafe

We had lunch on Christmas Day at Rainbow Dreams Cafe along the stretch of Maginhawa Street in Quezon, which is famous for being littered with rows of concept restaurants and specialty establishments. I came upon a post a couple of months before, and decided to delight Mischa with its cute concept of unicorns/my little ponies (up to now, it is still not clear what they are. lol).

Also ran into one of our colleagues who was spending Christmas there alone. Poor guy haha (seriously though, he doesn’t mind).

From the get-go, it was clear that the employees there were not happy to be on duty on Christmas day. Their Facebook page said the cafe was open at 12:00 noon, and it was half an hour past when we got there, and they weren’t ready yet. And their patrons could use some smile, but nada. There was also another family there, and just like us waited for them to get their acts together. It really seemed like they were dragging their feet. I would have thought that they would have some Christmas spirits left in them but it looks like they left these at home Oh well.

General review of food–zilch. Presentation was all they could boast of. But they were even serving it sloppy. Some of their plastic glasses had some cracks in them that water was spilling on the table. It took me at least three calls to their server to mop it up to no avail. We just decided to move on to the next empty table so they would deal with the mess later. I didn’t want to make a fuss so as not to spoil the day. So we just lapped up the tasteless dishes and took photos for posterity and that’s it.


BBQ chops

Honey garlic wings

Crispy fish fillet

Chicken with sriracha


Rainbow smores


Letting Them Grow

I feel a tugging of the strings that bound my kids to their Dad and I, especially with my firstborn. At third grade, event after event test my resolve as I balance between taking care of her and allowing her independence. Field trips far from our comfort zone especially do this to me. Letting her go in the “big city”, with all the good and bad elements, is enough to keep me on the edge until such time the bus docks safely back in school. Arming her with a cellphone and enough wits, trusting her teachers, and praying my heart out, I managed to survive the day sane and sound.

This must be how my mother feels every time I board a plane, even now as I near the fourth decade of my life.

And tale as old as time, Mischa and Maxine will always be babies in my heart. I will always maybe try to hold on as tight as I can even though the waves would eventually take them away from my side.