Aloha, Matteo!

When you have a baby, it’s really like a top spinning, or time passing by in a whirl of colors. This is all the more true for the family of my cousin, Pam, her husband Chie, and their little Matteo. They’ve waited so long for this gift from God, and since he came last year, it’s like everything is being fast forwarded.

Much like your cousins, Ate Mischa and Ate Maxine, Matteo, you are a blessing to our family. Happy, happy birthday! We super enjoyed your Moana-themed party. Your hosts were so awesome! I love, love, love parties like these.

A quiet new year

This must be our quietest new year’s celebration yet. Aside from a government ban on firecrackers, and in view of the tightening of the pockets, we decided to forego our usual fireworks as we welcomed 2019. And I haven’t noticed when it started, but Maxine was suddenly afraid of them. So we just had our usual new year’s eve salubong, sans Mico again this year. Mama was also feeling a little off color due to an arthritic knee.

Year end parties

2018 is probably the year that I had minimal attendance to parties. Because I was hospitalized, I missed tons of get-togethers, and failed to organize some more. These included the office major Christmas party and family reunions. I only had two: dinner with former colleagues, and our division party the day before I went to the hospital. At the latter, I was already having the beginnings of tummy aches and I absolutely had no appetite, putting to waste the voucher for a buffet dinner at a classy hotel. Still grateful for the opportunity to be with friends and second families, though.

La Creperie

We spent Christmas at Mico’s, and stayed there for a few days after. This is becoming a tradition in the last couple of years. We always opt for spending New Year at our own house anyway. But this year, in lieu of my recent hospital trip, and Mama is kinda getting slower, too, we all didn’t have the energy to cook and prepare Christmas Eve noche buena. Instead, we slept and just got up late the next day for a quiet brunch.

When Mico had to go to work on Christmas day itself, as is customary, we decided to go out and have a late Christmas lunch somewhere else. We went to a nearby fairly newly opened mall, and because everywhere else is full, we ended up at La Creperie. They have quite a full menu, and surprisingly we didn’t even get any crepes. lol

Squash soup

Frozen hot choco (which is ironic in itself)

Chorizo pasta

Chicken wings (which is good if it doesn’t look like anything)


Since the restaurant is new, it is very clean and the decor homey. I like the wall of mirrors plus the shelves with some bestsellers, and trinkets and stuff you are likely to find in a warm home. It makes you want to linger whether you are alone, or with a friend, loved one, or family.


My big baby underwent her Scouting Investiture today. I remember my own girl scout days–I was always excited because of all the activities we don’t usually do in class. And because we seldom get to do “stuff” when we were younger, except to stay at home and amuse ourselves with very little toys, I super liked the camping, bonfire, knot-making, etc. etc. Plus, not to be too pretentious, it helped really shaped a lot of my traits and habits now.
It has also honed the beginnings of my leadership skills. So I am glad that my daughter is also imbibing important values, and being more civic-minded. Add to that is her playing a key role, such as being a patrol leader. In this day and age, kindness, courtesy and being ready to help all the time do not go out of style.