My big baby underwent her Scouting Investiture today. I remember my own girl scout days–I was always excited because of all the activities we don’t usually do in class. And because we seldom get to do “stuff” when we were younger, except to stay at home and amuse ourselves with very little toys, I super liked the camping, bonfire, knot-making, etc. etc. Plus, not to be too pretentious, it helped really shaped a lot of my traits and habits now.
It has also honed the beginnings of my leadership skills. So I am glad that my daughter is also imbibing important values, and being more civic-minded. Add to that is her playing a key role, such as being a patrol leader. In this day and age, kindness, courtesy and being ready to help all the time do not go out of style.

Little Vampirina

Our little ball of sunshine turned four today! She has chosen this year’s theme months ahead, but for once, I was not able to make a career out of planning it. I even hit a little snag with the cake but thank goodness I found a good supplier that delivered well. And I am glad the celebrant loved it!

Happy, happy birthday, sweetie! Thank you for making our lives so much happier and livelier.

A volley-belle

It is not all work at work. For some morale-boosting and scenery-changing experiences, we also hold activities that would hopefully keep stress at bay. This year, one of those is our sportsfest. It is a lot simpler than the previous years when we had a whole gamut of games, including indoor sports. Now, we only had basketball, volleyball and badminton, although held in several best-of games. Proud to be part of our team’s volleyball team and steering it to a championship, yay!

(not my best shot but there you go)