Tim Hortons in Manila

Because I’ve tasted the original Tim Hortons coffee during my short visit to Vancouver almost a decade ago, of course I got curious whether the one established in Manila tastes the same. I’ve been wanting to go since they opened shop last year, but the branches were out of our way. And my heart skipped a beat when we saw they opened one near MOA, yay! Finally, tried it last Friday and I wasn’t disappointed.

I actually got an overload because they were offering their signature brewed coffee for free (just because the branch recently opened) for every order. And since we already have iced coffee for our combo orders, we were Tim Hortoned till the next day, which was mighty fine with them. Love their coffee as it already has cream and sweetener. Just got their cheese panini and the hubby got the Italiano bagel, which was a lot of work if you ask me, but he seemed to have enjoyed it. We also shared a chocolate dip donut. Next time I’m having the biscuit and bagel with cream cheese.

Post-holidays celebration

Still at it. Yeah. Whoever heard of a Christmas party in January? We almost hit a deal-selling online facility for enticing us to buy deals for a discounted buffet dinner and then finding out that the hotel providing the buffet do not have slots even after Christmas. But we played it nice, and decided to just have our party after New Year without making too much of a fuss. Anyway, everything was still good.

But we had our exchange gift just before the actual Christmas party of the whole office, and this is our annual photo (this is a tradition).

As always, and despite some misunderstanding the past year, we enjoyed each other’s wacky company. Got to say though, food was so-so if you ask me. I was kind of disappointed since this is Pan Pacific we are taking about. I expected more choices. We thought we kind of paid only for the ambience since if we got deals for other buffet places then we would have enjoyed the food more.

Still on Post-Christmas get-togethers

This should have been one of the firsts considering they’re family, but here we go. My mom’s side of the family only met last weekend, and we were joined by a new member in the person of little Jacob. Soon, and praying with crossed fingers, the addition of another one. One of my cousins, who has lost five babies (I’ve lost count), is again expecting a wee one, and I really, really, really pray and hope for them that this will be it.

Our growing second family

I may have turned a bit into a hermit because I don’t go out as much especially to reunions with old friends that I have fell out of touch with. But this is always one group that I would cross mountains and rivers for just so I could be with.

This may be too late for a Christmas gathering but who needs an occasion to be with your lifelong friends turned family? Hoping next time we would be complete. Also later this year, we would have an additional member as Jayjay is expecting baby no. 2, yay!

Katsuyasu Restaurant

Yesterday, the folks celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary. Wow! We hope to reach that far, too.

The husband and I went home early to take them out to dinner. There’s a relatively new place in town about five minutes away from home that we have been dying to check out. It’s a Japanese restaurant called Katsuyasu, and if you know us, we’re major Japanese food fans. Last New Year’s Eve, when we brought a maki platter at a different restaurant, the owner kind of, without naming names, badmouthed nearby Japanese restaurants by saying that the new ones are only copying hers, and hers is the only authentic one around. So that piqued our curiosity even more.

So what better time to try it out than this anniversary celebration?

Since it was a weekday, the place was practically deserted. When we arrived, there was only one other table filled. I liked the modern feel of the whole place–it was airy and bright. I hope they can sustain this in the long run. Also, the staff were very courteous and nice despite very ugly reviews earlier on. Good job that the management decided to do something about this. The comments were kinda glaring, and if I had read those before we came, might not have tried it at all.

It was like ramen since we all had ramen except for mama who had yakisoba. And because ramen runs through my blood and is in the top 5 things-I’m-glad-were-invented, I am elated that the kids are beginning to like it as much too! Yay! Aside from ramen, we had our regular favorite salmon sashimi, kani salad and California roll. Price was great, too, because the servings were larger than usual.

Ushering 2018

New beginnings and new chances at life are given to us again as we stepped onto a new year. Always praying and hoping that things would be better, brighter and more bountiful than ever. We greet the new year with a renewed sense of purpose. I am just plain happy and content that we are all together.

And my masterpiece for this year hehehe

Because I received a cheese board over Christmas.

And had an impromptu get together with one branch of our family. Great reason for the great-grandchildren of Mamay Asio and Nanay Angge to bond over food and toys.

Miao Cat Cafe

Okay, so this Christmas season, I am still all about making Ate happy. Despite my misgivings, and following our not so good experience at this cafe, I brought the whole family to another concept cafe. This time, it’s cats, and no sooner than I have set foot in the Miao Cat Cafe’s threshold that I want to back out.

You see, I am definitely not a cat lover. It must be the dog in me. For years and years before I started my own family, I have lived with dogs. At one time, I had nine of them (four or five were puppies). While I respect cat lovers and cats of all shapes and sizes, we definitely could not live under one roof. Maybe it’s because dogs make so much effort to please humans, that’s why humans are naturally drawn to them (at least this human does!). You kinda meet halfway whereas cats need to be wooed or something like that, and I don’t normally do that, even to fellow humans!

And so, only true, unconditional love could lead me to endure half an hour with these felines. A payment of Php300 per adult and Php 150 per child entitles interaction with the resident cats of the cafe for two hours, and includes a drink and pastry. There was a changing area for footwear, and they provide slippers. Unlucky day for me because I was not wearing socks, ugh! Both kids enjoyed that time spent, and time could not pass fast enough for the adults haha. This is a dream place for cat lovers who cannot have cats at home, and the owners are nice enough to share their pets to the paying public. They must have at least fifteen high breed felines there.