Wildflour Cafe+Bakery

Okay so this is my first time in this acclaimed breakfast place because there’s no branch in the south. Since we were watching a show in Ortigas last New Year, we decided to have brunch (because we stayed up late for New Year’s Eve and we were lazy enough to prepare our own breakfast) at the nearest mall. As it was New Year’s Day, most of the restaurants are closed at 10:00 a.m. and this was the only one open.

The only items available that time were breakfast fare and so we were not able to sample their entrees. It was okay but I was kinda looking for carbo. Anyway, I ended up with the fundido, and some of the mac and cheese, which is great at the first few bites but maybe because I had too much cheese that I started to get umay.

In general, everything was a bit better than good, but it was kind of expensive for the quantity and quality. I got sad because it didn’t live up to the hype for me. Maybe it’ll grow on me once I got a taste of the main dishes.

Complimentary baguette (served hot and fresh!) with salted butter

Ham and Mushrooms on Toast

Chia Bowl

Chorizo Fundido

Fluffy pancakes with blueberry and lemon spread

Mac and cheese

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