Mango Tree Bistro

Mico was working on Christmas day, and we sort of joined him at the mall where they were showing one of the local movies. Come lunchtime, we tagged along at the restaurant where he and the local artists and crew were dining. On the outside, it seemed like a hip restaurant with its dark, monochromatic interiors and edgy vibe. But my impression didn’t last. It took them a while to attend to us, and our food took forever to arrive. The last dish didn’t even make to our table. We had to cancel it since we’ve already finished everything else on the table, and it still wasn’t ready. The poor service may be due to the movie personalities dining in, however, that’s not an excuse since we too were customers. I forgave them since it was Christmas, but I would not dine here again. Food’s just plain okay, and peso value was not worth it.

What we had:

Salmon sticks

Pad thai (that I already mixed before I took the photo)

Salmon spaghetti

Chicken fried rice

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