Mitsuyado sei-men

The good and bad thing about the fairly new stretch of Macapagal Boulevard is the mushrooming of restaurants of all kinds, apart from the usual condominium buildings and office spaces. Targeting the hungry workforce on their way home to the south, BPO employees, shoppers, couples on dates, barkadas on gimiks, families, basically everyone will find an establishment that suit their cravings and needs. The downside though, is the ever growing traffic problems. Ugh! And there promises to be more.

One night, we decided to try Mitsuyado Sei-Men at Bluebay Walk. Unlike many Japanese restaurants in the Metro nowadays, this is more traditional than the rest, which has become mostly a fusion of other cuisines into the mix. The decorations are also more old-fashioned, and makes you feel like you’re in a real Japanese establishment. It was a little bit dark though.

The menu is also limited but they specialize in tsukemen, a kind of ramen, but served cold and without the usual broth. It has a dipping sauce, and for this visit, I decided to try the cheese. It was good but I was not bowled over. The husband, on the other hand, tried the curry ramen, which ended up too spicy for him.

The experience was okay, but I’ll probably stick to my favorite Japanese haunts for the meantime.






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