Cambodia eats

As part of my Cambodia series, here are the restaurants that our hosts brought us during our stay in the country. Mind you, lunchtimes were spent at the embassy as we just grabbed quick bites in the middle of our work. Also, during our first night, when the Ambassador hosted dinner for us at the Thai restaurant, I was too shy to take photos of the food and restaurant although I would have loved to. haha.

Inasal Nation is owned and managed by a former Filipino basketball star, Cris Bolado, who is now based in Cambodia. They serve authentic Filipino favorites, such as sisig and crispy pata. So I didn’t miss home right away. I am happy that Filipino food is making waves there through Inasal Nation. Good job!


On our second night, we were brought to a Japanese restobar called Rokku. Upon reaching its rooftop, I was like, whoa! The view of the city at night was awesome! At that time, it wasn’t too hot or humid, which happens most of the times in Manila, so it was great that we dined outside. Our host ordered for us, and everything was great but my absolute favorite were the passion fruit soda, and the wagyu beef with himalayan salt. I have no words, it was that goooood!


On our last night, we had fusion cuisine at Black Bambu, an upscale restaurant in the quieter streets of Phnom Penh. You could easily pass by the place if you weren’t looking so it was dinadayo kind of thing. It was a very Western kind of meal: cheese, salmon, the works. I sooo love the cheese plate! Where was the wine when you needed it? lol. And I had that weird ginger with black sesame seeds ice cream. It ended up the perfect thing to wash down my palate that evening. Gorgeous.


I just realized I didn’t even got to taste real Cambodian delicacy.

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