Quezon City field trip

Last Friday was Mischa’s first foray into the Metro without Mommy or Daddy as parents were not allowed to join their field trip. And we survived, hooray! Me, my heart is still intact because it was beating like crazy the whole day wondering where they are, and what and how they were doing. And as a parent, you can’t just relax when your 7-year old kid is out there in the jungle with wolves, lions and what-nots about to pounce. You began creating scenarios in your head about total strangers snatching them away from the watchful eyes of teachers, or receiving phone calls that they involved in an accident, well, you get the drift. I am one crazy mother! I just let her go because I know that she will enjoy and learn a lot, the school has assured us of their safety, and that she will be more independent. So I sacrificed my sanity for one day (about 12 hours), crossed my fingers, and said a whole lot of prayers.

One saving grace was one of my former classmate in high school is a teacher at their school, and she began posting on social media some photos of them. Whew! That assuaged some of my anxieties, and I began breathing a little easier as soon as I began seeing them.

I couldn’t tell you what happened all day but I could say that she had fun! The only thing I got appalled at, was the state of her lunch box when she went home. It looked like she didn’t touch her food, save for 2 packs of biscuits. Hay anak!





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