A little sadness in my heart

Doesn’t it pinch your heart, or your insides in general, when you see your parents get sick, or they seem to slow down?

There is nothing definite yet, because we haven’t had Dad checked. But I cannot ignore it any longer, the signs are staring me in the face – the forgetfulness, the staring off into space for long periods of time, the slowness of actions, as if contemplating on what to do next…I just can’t put everything into words how worried and sort of devastated I feel. On the surface, he is still the same dad/doting granddad to the two kids, but I can see. I can see the slow deterioration. My instinct tells me to see a professional but I am afraid. As a child, you are used to having your parents as your pillar of strength, the ones who take care of you, and not the other way around. It is not that hard to take care of them, but it really breaks your heart to see them weak, and you wonder what time had done to them. But it is reality that you cannot turn your back on, no matter how painful. Mortality is such a strange thing.

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