My charming girl

This is my charming, talkative and uber likot baby. I can’t believe that she’s turning two next week! But compared to her Ate, she’s still so much our “baby”. Ate just physically developed exactly as what studies of medicine have predicted. But Maxine is taking her sweet time at every phase, like sprouting first tooth at almost 12 months and started walking at 15. Also, she seems to take after me in terms of height and other physical attributes. Ate is more longish, but Maxine and I are on the petite and chubby side. However, she is the quite the bright star and also the drama queen at home. She always brightens up every minute of our lives with her lively antics.


See that mischievous twinkle in her pretty eyes? I bet that she’s the kind of girl that you couldn’t resist because it comes naturally to her to charm people. I hope I would be able to stay made at her long and hard enough if she does something wrong. I hope I won’t cave in to her smile and doe eyes, or even her tears, when I need to discipline her. I tell you that right now, I am having a hard time when she does her cute tantrums. It makes me forget that I am teaching her lesson because I my heart just goes out to her when she cries.

She’s the antithesis of her sister but we both love them to bits. Where Mischa is reserved, Maxine is just so out there. Where Mischa is cautious, Maxine is a risk taker. Where Mischa is temperamental and moody, Maxine is gleeful. How lucky am I to be blessed twice!

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