A little sadness in my heart

Doesn’t it pinch your heart, or your insides in general, when you see your parents get sick, or they seem to slow down?

There is nothing definite yet, because we haven’t had Dad checked. But I cannot ignore it any longer, the signs are staring me in the face – the forgetfulness, the staring off into space for long periods of time, the slowness of actions, as if contemplating on what to do next…I just can’t put everything into words how worried and sort of devastated I feel. On the surface, he is still the same dad/doting granddad to the two kids, but I can see. I can see the slow deterioration. My instinct tells me to see a professional but I am afraid. As a child, you are used to having your parents as your pillar of strength, the ones who take care of you, and not the other way around. It is not that hard to take care of them, but it really breaks your heart to see them weak, and you wonder what time had done to them. But it is reality that you cannot turn your back on, no matter how painful. Mortality is such a strange thing.

Maxine is two!

Happy second birthday to the lady who made my heart expand to more than twice its size. You make us happy every minute of every day. Right now, you are at your most kulit and likot stage (I hope this is it!). You have definitely surpassed Ate Mischa in the naughtiness department. However, as any parent in love with their child would tell you, it is more endearing than exasperating. I could feel that I am in deep trouble with you when you grow older because I would tend to give in to your wants because you are just plain charming without even trying. I hope that we would not be in too much trouble, bunso. Just give something that Mommy can handle, okay?

Right now, you are a chatterbox, which nobody can really decipher. However, know that I understand you perfectly even without the proper words. You have that knack of making speaking directly to my eyes and my heart.

You love spaghetti, bread, Mickey and Minnie mouse (whom you call pappie), Hi-5, Sofia the First, cars, dogs, cats, planes, and of course, milk.

You like running, and climbing over anything.

You still bump your head on tables, or anywhere else for that matter, and you always fall off the sofa.

You still have no regard for safety (Ate was so much more cautious) before she tries anything at that age.

No matter what, I love you beyond forever, my baby girl.



My charming girl

This is my charming, talkative and uber likot baby. I can’t believe that she’s turning two next week! But compared to her Ate, she’s still so much our “baby”. Ate just physically developed exactly as what studies of medicine have predicted. But Maxine is taking her sweet time at every phase, like sprouting first tooth at almost 12 months and started walking at 15. Also, she seems to take after me in terms of height and other physical attributes. Ate is more longish, but Maxine and I are on the petite and chubby side. However, she is the quite the bright star and also the drama queen at home. She always brightens up every minute of our lives with her lively antics.


See that mischievous twinkle in her pretty eyes? I bet that she’s the kind of girl that you couldn’t resist because it comes naturally to her to charm people. I hope I would be able to stay made at her long and hard enough if she does something wrong. I hope I won’t cave in to her smile and doe eyes, or even her tears, when I need to discipline her. I tell you that right now, I am having a hard time when she does her cute tantrums. It makes me forget that I am teaching her lesson because I my heart just goes out to her when she cries.

She’s the antithesis of her sister but we both love them to bits. Where Mischa is reserved, Maxine is just so out there. Where Mischa is cautious, Maxine is a risk taker. Where Mischa is temperamental and moody, Maxine is gleeful. How lucky am I to be blessed twice!

It’s more fun in the second grade

The challenges are getting harder by the minute, and the struggle in our household during study time has become more real. But the rewards are also so worth every hardship. I feel bad whenever we come home late from work, and could only scrape so much time for her studying during weekends in between chores. And as any normal kid would, she’d rather play than pore over her lessons at home.

Still, I am happy with the results. She could do better, sure. But as a family, we could only do so much, and pray to the Lord to guide her.





Just the girls


It was a little weird at first that us girls were left to our devices. It is usually I who travel (due to work) and the girls are left with their dad. This time around, it was the hubby who had to go home to his home province following the death of his paternal grandmother. And so it was just us girls for four days. It was a first since Maxine was born. Things were harried in the mornings, especially when you had to prepare a kid for school, and you lose one adult to help out. I had to wake up earlier than usual so I have more time for the girls. And I had to fend off sleep until both are sleeping soundly. But all in all we survived. We missed Daddy but it was also refreshing to have them to myself. There is nothing I love more than cuddling their warm and sweet bodies.