Another Story

Another Story is one of the newest restaurants in the rapidly developing Evia Lifestyle Center along Daang Hari, at the point where the cities of Bacoor, Las Pinas and Muntinlupa meet. What used to be a small strip of restaurants plus a small supermarket is now a 3-building complex that houses state-of-the-art cinema, a variety of restaurants, specialty shops and a whole lot more. What I especially like about it is, and you can call me snooty, but it’s just me, not accessible via public transportation. You really have to purposely go there (and not as an afterthought) and bring your own car. This means that this is not crowded at all, hooray! People come here to eat, buy and just…do something, and not merely hang around. Not for somebody just wanting to pass the time.

We had dinner at a new establishment called Another Story. Without really looking at what it had to offer, I immediately shepherded by family here, and my main consideration was ambiance. What a nice, nice place to look at. And there were a few tables available so it was a plus that we didn’t have to jostle for a place to sit down. It was eclectic to say the least, with a mishmash of furniture and pieces that are varied but seem to be so put together. It was a happy jumble for me, and I was at home right away. It was like sitting in a garden, with foliage all around you, but without the bugs, dust, mud and whatnots. And all ’round the restaurant were quotes that add to the feel good vibe of the whole place.

Food was a bit on the expensive side but tastes good anyway. Didn’t get to enjoy it too much because they had no high chairs for babies, and Maxine was her usual likot self. The menu was not that extensive but it looked to be carefully selected. We had pasta and a seafood platter to share. Maybe sometime the hubby and I can enjoy a stress-free meal here.









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