Asmara Spa

During our particular stay here at Taal Vista Hotel, the hubby and I saw to it that we would get some relaxation off. Let’s face it. Normally when we go on family trips, we hardly have time for ourselves, except maybe bathroom time, and that’s what, 15 minutes tops. The kids would always need something. And since we cannot really drag ourselves too far from them, the best way to have this “me” or “us” time is to go and get a massage after putting them to sleep. And we did!


The Asmara Spa was located at the top floor of the mountain wing of the hotel (we were billeted at the lake wing). The walk to the location was quite a feat but I had my eyes on the prize. And I was not disappointed. The spa was small, with only a handful of private rooms for the services it offers. It means a more personalized service that’s not hurried or too methodical.

Sigh, it was pure bliss. Although the husband complained a little that he wanted something harder than the aromatherapy massage we availed. For me, it was just what I needed to unwind and de-stress, and forget everything else for an hour. I must have dozed off the moment the masseuse put her skillful hands on my back. I went to bed with the knots in my neck and back unknotted. Just what I needed.

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