Pokemon Go

Because gaming is one of the past times nowadays (they’re cheap because they’re free if you have a fixed data plan and you can do it anytime, anywhere), you can be sure I would jump on the Pokemon Go bandwagon. I find it fun and challenging but I haven’t considered myself addicted yet. lol.

There has been a lot of write ups online about the game being a satanic or a work designed to indoctrinate evil ways subtly. This didn’t surprise me because whenever there is a little bit of following of anything in the world wide web, you can sure that critics would have a go at it. Whatever. All I can say is I haven’t felt the need to neglect myself, my family, my home, my work, just so I could play it. And it actually provides me entertainment when we get caught in traffic, which is what, just about every single day.

I haven’t gotten around to training the pokemons that I have caught and having them fight at gyms, but I feel an immense satisfaction about catching them, especially unique and rare ones. I like filling up my pokedex!



This phase shall, too, pass.

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