Angus Tapa Centrale

Mico brought us to this place in Quezon City called Angus Tapa Centrale for a late lunch last Saturday. We came from an errand in Taytay where we we used to live, and we were famished as we braved the horrendous weekend traffic. We were actually set to eat somewhere else but it was full by the time we got there so we were to Centrale instead. However, we encountered another disappointment when there was no Angus beef in sight! For a restaurant specializing in tapa, it is definitely a bummer when they cannot offer tapa! It’s like going to Starbucks and finding out there’s no coffee, or going to Kenny Rogers only to find out there’s no chicken. But oh well. We ordered several other things but I didn’t get to take photos of everything we ordered since we dug in the moment the waitress set down our orders.


Bacon bagnet


Spam fries

Seafood aglio olio

Seafood marinara

I especially liked the aglio olio. It was not too heavy as pastas always put me in a carbo stupor after pigging. And in my book, a restaurant which offers liempo or bagnet can never do wrong (I’d forgotten the lack of tapa by this time). The thinly-sliced baconized(?) strips of pork belly fried to perfection just hit the spot.

The restaurant itself was cozy. I just don’t like the way the chairs scrape the floor (bad combination of furniture). Yes it bothered me that much. It’s like listening to nails scratching on a board magnified a hundred times. And the servers would do well if they smiled a bit more. I don’t know if they were just having bad day but it definitely does not make customers feel welcome at all. Thank goodness we were that hungry!

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