Maxine’s first haircut

Maxine had her first haircut last weekend. Thank God that there are establishments today that cater to very, very specific needs, such as salons for babies and kids. Part of their training is handling malikot kids. While it was not easy, it was manageable. The cars and toys really help a lot in calming down kiddos.

And looking back at this blog post years ago, Ate Mischa also had her first haircut at 22 months, just like Maxine now! What a coincidence! And they look kinda the same after that first cut.











My team at work recently had a sort of debriefing cum relationship management session. As it is related to the workplace, we talked about relationships of all sorts, including the ones with colleagues. This session was very different from the one we had about two years ago, when we were all stressed out. We were more relaxed definitely this time!

Anyway, among all the things we did, there were several activities that made us take stock of our relationships with each other. And I was so touched with my staff’s messages for me:



These validate that I must be doing something right and good in this world. That, aside from being a boss, I am a mentor, a confidante, and a friend. That I am helping them enjoy their journey as workers. In all the harshness around us, I am happy that somehow, I eased someone’s pain or I lifted someone’s spirit, even though sometimes I know I do the stressing. Hehe.

Pokemon Go

Because gaming is one of the past times nowadays (they’re cheap because they’re free if you have a fixed data plan and you can do it anytime, anywhere), you can be sure I would jump on the Pokemon Go bandwagon. I find it fun and challenging but I haven’t considered myself addicted yet. lol.

There has been a lot of write ups online about the game being a satanic or a work designed to indoctrinate evil ways subtly. This didn’t surprise me because whenever there is a little bit of following of anything in the world wide web, you can sure that critics would have a go at it. Whatever. All I can say is I haven’t felt the need to neglect myself, my family, my home, my work, just so I could play it. And it actually provides me entertainment when we get caught in traffic, which is what, just about every single day.

I haven’t gotten around to training the pokemons that I have caught and having them fight at gyms, but I feel an immense satisfaction about catching them, especially unique and rare ones. I like filling up my pokedex!



This phase shall, too, pass.

N Hotel

I am fresh from Cagayan de Oro City. Wait, while I arrived in the wee hours of this day, I wouldn’t really say fresh because I feel anything but, having to endure yet another delayed flight just before midnight. It’s so sad that flying here in the country is so lousy at this point. In about the twenty times or so that I flew in the last year, my flight was delayed about nineteen times. It is that bad. On the one hand, I am glad at least that they have done something about the lack of seats in gates and waiting areas, and the rest rooms have undergone significant facelifts. Now they just really have to do something about air traffic!

Anyway, before I run out of words ranting about the management of airports here, lemme tell you about the hotel I stayed in Cagayan de Oro this time. I was pretty holed up at the N Hotel the entire time I was in the city. First, I was a speaker for two days at a conference. Second, I was too lazy to go out because I was alone. And third, because I am currently hooked up with a new gaming app that’s gripping the world, and the hotel was prime spot for things to catch, I was more than happy to stay put.

I was not sorry of course. The hotel is located on the major highway just before you enter the city proper. It is not that old but there was that whiff of mustiness when you first enter its premises then the rooms. It goes away after a while though and I began to get settled after the first hour. The room was spacious and big enough for three. Bed was good bordering on great but I didn’t like the lighting that much. I love muted whites and yellows in hotel rooms, and this one’s too orangey. These kinds of rooms make me a little restless. That, coffee at night, and finalizing my presentation did me no good on the first night. Good thing I made up for it the second night.





This is one of the better hotels I’ve stayed in. As I said, I practically stayed here for three days. I had all my meals here, and I could say it was a-okay, nothing to rave about but okay. If I had the time and the inclination, I would have taken a dip in the pool.

Y2k Talabahan

In one of our trips to Iloilo City, we stuffed ourselves with one of the most delicious native chicken dishes I’ve ever had. It was straight up adobo with generous amounts of toasted garlic. There must be some gayuma in here, it was indecently good.


We had this at a restaurant called Y2K Talabahan, which is located at Atria, a spanking new place in Iloilo City. The Atria is a lifestyle complex developed by Ayala Land that boasts of restaurants, retail stores, the Seda Hotel, and a condominium for the middle and upper classes of the city. I liked it! It’s too bad that I am at the tail end of the project which had me coming to Iloilo all the time (my eldest is already complaining!). It is a breath of fresh air in the slowly becoming crowded city.



Back to Y2K, we also had this wonderful squid to go along with the whole chicken.


Next time, I have to have the oysters!

Angus Tapa Centrale

Mico brought us to this place in Quezon City called Angus Tapa Centrale for a late lunch last Saturday. We came from an errand in Taytay where we we used to live, and we were famished as we braved the horrendous weekend traffic. We were actually set to eat somewhere else but it was full by the time we got there so we were to Centrale instead. However, we encountered another disappointment when there was no Angus beef in sight! For a restaurant specializing in tapa, it is definitely a bummer when they cannot offer tapa! It’s like going to Starbucks and finding out there’s no coffee, or going to Kenny Rogers only to find out there’s no chicken. But oh well. We ordered several other things but I didn’t get to take photos of everything we ordered since we dug in the moment the waitress set down our orders.


Bacon bagnet


Spam fries

Seafood aglio olio

Seafood marinara

I especially liked the aglio olio. It was not too heavy as pastas always put me in a carbo stupor after pigging. And in my book, a restaurant which offers liempo or bagnet can never do wrong (I’d forgotten the lack of tapa by this time). The thinly-sliced baconized(?) strips of pork belly fried to perfection just hit the spot.

The restaurant itself was cozy. I just don’t like the way the chairs scrape the floor (bad combination of furniture). Yes it bothered me that much. It’s like listening to nails scratching on a board magnified a hundred times. And the servers would do well if they smiled a bit more. I don’t know if they were just having bad day but it definitely does not make customers feel welcome at all. Thank goodness we were that hungry!