Bed time is fun time

Bed time lately has been fun but tiring and sometimes, frustrating.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughters more than anything in this world. But as a working mom, with only your husband and senior citizen parents helping around the house (ergo, most chores still fall on my lap), all you want to do at the end of the day is lie on your bed and travel to neverland. My mind is already running to things to do the next day, and my remaining energy and willpower are bent on putting the kids to sleep. But in most cases, they who still have all that energy inside, have a different game plan every night. What else but to continue playing!

And so, despite my failing energy levels, I normally don’t have the heart to shush them and or make them stop when I see that they are enjoying themselves just horsing around. I can’t help but laugh with them as they display pure, unadulterated love and affection towards each other. Their squeals of delight, especially the little one, overpowers my tired body and soul. I am praying that they will remain as close when they grow up and grow old.





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