Nutrition program

This year, we decided to enroll Mischa in the school’s nutrition program. Supposedly, it is designed to address the nutritional deficiencies of kids by creating a well-balanced menu for the whole school year. As it is quite heavy on the pocket, we are now testing it out for the first term. Here is the menu from the last week of June until July.


We will see if we will continue in the succeeding school terms. My take is that at least, we have started doing away little by little with free radicals in hotdogs, chicken nuggets, ham and other kid-favorites. We now have more choices of “real” food, and I can see that she has started expanding her horizon when it comes to food. I don’t have to rack my brains about what to feed her picky appetite. Yay!


She was my dinner date last night.


Lois is the most recent among my godchildren. She’s the daughter of my one of best friends, my maid of honor, Jayjay. I wasn’t able to attend her baptism because I became a wedding sponsor on the same day she joined God’s family. When Jayjay told me I was to be Lois’ godmother, I was a little hesitant at first because there’s a Filipino superstition that you should not be ninangs to each other’s kids (Jay is Mischa’s ninang) because it’s like solian ng kandila. There’s no direct English translation to this, sorry. Anyway, how can one say no to being asked to be a guardian of this cutie. Happy to see her and my childhood friends!


Garden Palace Hotel Roxas City

I stayed in this hotel last April during one of my official travels. The draft must have been pushed far back that I have completely forgotten about it until now.

The Garden Palace Hotel is a house that has been converted into a small hotel that opened earlier this year. It is located at the Pueblo de Panay, Roxas City’s business hub, and a stone’s throw away from Robinson’s Mall. Unfortunately, I heard from one of my friends that this has been temporarily closed because of ownership issues within the family that runs it. I was told that an estranged couple was fighting over the rights of the house. Oh well, I am glad we were able to stay in it before it happened.

The family’s main line of business is actually catering before they started branching out to hotel management. And that was so evident because what really struck me during my stay was how good the food was! I mean, the food they served were honest to goodness Filipino dishes but there was a kick in every dish. Everything was tasty, and you could sense that they didn’t scrimp on ingredients. They could do well in the presentation department though. But really, it’s okay as long as the belly is satisfied.

The rooms, on the other hand, are very basic. They were clean but as they haven’t had the much customers yet, they were full of mosquitoes. The sheets, blankets and pillows were a little threadbare too. And as it is formerly a house, soundproofing is still a thing of the future. I wouldn’t have minded at any other time, but since our room was next to the dining area (they offer lunch and dinner buffet), the buzz of people talking goes well into the night.

In general, it was a comfortable stay. I would return (if they open again) to eat again, but I would probably opt for the comforts of a commercial hotel in Roxas City.











Bed time is fun time

Bed time lately has been fun but tiring and sometimes, frustrating.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughters more than anything in this world. But as a working mom, with only your husband and senior citizen parents helping around the house (ergo, most chores still fall on my lap), all you want to do at the end of the day is lie on your bed and travel to neverland. My mind is already running to things to do the next day, and my remaining energy and willpower are bent on putting the kids to sleep. But in most cases, they who still have all that energy inside, have a different game plan every night. What else but to continue playing!

And so, despite my failing energy levels, I normally don’t have the heart to shush them and or make them stop when I see that they are enjoying themselves just horsing around. I can’t help but laugh with them as they display pure, unadulterated love and affection towards each other. Their squeals of delight, especially the little one, overpowers my tired body and soul. I am praying that they will remain as close when they grow up and grow old.





Eye candies

Note: Not all photos are ours. Thank you to our supplies and friends who took great, great shots when we weren’t able to do them ourselves!

The decorations during Mischa’s Descendants-themed party was quite a feast to the eye, if I say so myself. I was so happy with the outcome after I had to source out suppliers, many of which are hearing about the theme for the first time.

Party collaterals c/o Rea Magno of Ink Creations. She was also the one who did Maxine’s during her 1st birthday, and as always, there is not hassle at all when dealing with her. This year, she did the invitation design, souvenir tags, loot bags and the notepads given to the kids.


This is from her site:


For the stage decorations, balloons and candy buffet, we hired a party stylist called PartyRific, which I found on Facebook. They made our party come to life! But I just gotta say that dealing with them was not that smooth. I wouldn’t say that it was problematic or anything life threatening, but it was not without skipped heartbeats. My main beef was that it takes soooo long for them to reply even after you made a sizeable deposit. And for us whose precious funds are hard to come by, I wanted to be sure that every peso and centavo counts. I just wished they were a bit more reassuring by replying in a timely manner (read: not seenzoning you for 2-3 days) would go a long way in the customer service department. But again, all’s well that ends well since they did a fabulous job in the decorations department, but I would think twice if I would book them again.

The welcome sign
original_url: B56B8C57-7BA4-4D9C-BDC5-AC6EEC34E255

Stage and balloons


The candy buffet







Cake and cupcakes

The cake was really amazing. We ordered from Angelyn’s, and everyone just fell in love with the creation. The taste could use a lot of improvement though but all in all, it was a hit! Same with the cupcakes, which were the giveaways. I wasn’t able to come anywhere near them but was glad to see the photos. Dealing with Angie was also a breeze. We met one afternoon, and I was happy that she had a lot of ideas. She even thought that the peg I brought her was too simple, and it was a good thing I listened to her!




I totally had fun with the them even if it was too complicated and unusual. If only parties weren’t pricey, I would love to plan and give regular ones for my kiddos. lol.