A wickedly fun party

We held Mischa’s party five days after her real birthday since the latter falls on a Monday. She was excited as hell ever since she knew we were planning the celebration for her 7th birthday. I had quite a hard, but awfully satisfying time for this particular party because of the theme that Mischa wanted – Disney Descendants. It is a fairly new Disney original movie that she has taken a liking to. And from the offset, she emphasized that she didn’t want a “normal” theme or ordinary theme. The spookier, the better, she tells me. And so after a few brainstorming sessions, we ended up with this theme. Since this is not as mainstream as Frozen, Barbie, Sofia the First, etc. etc., finding suppliers – from the invitation to the Mal costume, to the cake, to the decorations – proved to be challenging. Anyhow, seeing the results before, during and after the party, I had no regrets (maybe except for the paying the bills part. lol). Seeing her, her classmates and all our guests happy and enjoying themselves made it all worth it. You know I would do anything for my previous daughters.



Some photos are here:

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