The cook strikes again

Okay I got to admit that ever since I had Maxine (read: 2 kids under the age of 5 at that time), cooking took a backseat. Whereas before when Mischa was a baby, I had help, and then when she grew up a little, we only had one kid around the house. Any mom, working or being a full-time one, can attest that exhaustion most often creeps up on you although we don’t like to admit that sometimes we want to complain.

Anyway, as we seem to be pretty much exhausted all the time, my efforts at the kitchen have been pretty much limited to preparing dishes in a hurry or that which takes as little tasks as possible. Hence, adobo and sinigang have taken centerstage, yummy yet easy to prepare.

But this weekend was a long weekend, and I feel kinda refreshed and rested so I went back to planning our menu (at least for the weekend), and actually executing them. Wheee! Also my poor picky panganay badly needs to be taught to eat a variety of food now that she’s all grown up, and the little one is experimenting with taste so…


Clockwise: sauteed pork and beans, minced chicken with eggplant, chicken pastel

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