Meet Rosie

Rosie is the newest member of the family. She was a gift to Mischa during her birthday by one of our colleagues. Truth be told, I am not keen on having this big a pet yet because I feel that our family is not ready. One, our house is too small and we couldn’t have it hopping around and spreading fur and what nots. Two, we do not have a fence, nor a backyard, so we couldn’t let it roam around. Three, and call me morbid, but it will die sooner or later, and I don’t know if my heart can take it if Mischa breaks down again, and could not move on from the loss for months (she still cries over the old car we had to trade because it was, well, old and it continually breaks down on us).

But well, Rosie is with us now. And we have to live with her fluffiness and cuteness.



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