A wickedly fun party

We held Mischa’s party five days after her real birthday since the latter falls on a Monday. She was excited as hell ever since she knew we were planning the celebration for her 7th birthday. I had quite a hard, but awfully satisfying time for this particular party because of the theme that Mischa wanted – Disney Descendants. It is a fairly new Disney original movie that she has taken a liking to. And from the offset, she emphasized that she didn’t want a “normal” theme or ordinary theme. The spookier, the better, she tells me. And so after a few brainstorming sessions, we ended up with this theme. Since this is not as mainstream as Frozen, Barbie, Sofia the First, etc. etc., finding suppliers – from the invitation to the Mal costume, to the cake, to the decorations – proved to be challenging. Anyhow, seeing the results before, during and after the party, I had no regrets (maybe except for the paying the bills part. lol). Seeing her, her classmates and all our guests happy and enjoying themselves made it all worth it. You know I would do anything for my previous daughters.



Some photos are here:

Sadly happy

With the ongoing transition to the next government, I have saying a lot of goodbyes and see-you-soons to a lot of colleagues in the public service, especially those whose tenure are co-terminus with the current administration. Our agency was not spared as our head is appointed by no less than the President. It was, to say the least, the most stressful stint I ever had in my entire professional career. But as with any experience in life, I have many takeaways from working with her. I got to hand it to her and her unconventional style of leadership, I truly learned a lot (and this is not lip service) because she made us, no, forced us more like, to go beyond our limits. She has also kept our tradition of not being “regular” government employees as we truly gave meaning to the term public service.

I am relieved, grateful and a bit sad that she is going. I think I am getting my life and my sanity back, but I never thought I would say it, but I will definitely miss her.

Yesterday, we had our last senior staff meeting, and I have to say that this has got to be one of the lightest but meaningful goodbyes I had.



Fathers’ day staycation

Work has its perks sometime, and if the opportunity is there, why not grab it? Got a freebie at the Diamond Hotel in Manila because of the business we brought in last summer. And the best time to avail it? Fathers’ day!

So we checked in there about a fortnight ago. In the recent years, we have been used to always having the grannies tagging along because I sometimes feel guilty about leaving them since they take care of the kids while we are at work. But this time, we just didn’t have room as we were provided only 1 king-sized bed. It proved to be a little challenging as I don’t have extra hands in dealing with the kids. Mischa has long been independent but still needs supervision but Maxine is at her pinakamalikot stage. But I am also happy with the family ‘me-time’ this opportunity gave us.

Diamond Hotel is one of the finer hotels in the Metro. As soon as we entered its foyer, we were graciously greeted by immaculately dressed and made up ladies and gentlemen. Since it was Fathers’ day weekend, the hotel was a little full, and there was a medium-sized queue for valet parking and check-in. I had to grapple a bit with our bags with Maxine dangling on my waist. But all’s well that ends well! We were assisted by courteous front desk people, and soon enough, we were stepping into our room and an afternoon bliss awaited us.

For like five minutes haha. I think I have to wait another five years or so before I could lie on the bed, much less anything else, without worrying about someone being in any immediate danger such as falling off the bed, tripping over something or what have yous.

The room though! So inviting, so relaxing! I wish I had more time! If not for my home and kids, I would have loved to live off hotels. There is something about cool white sheets, fluffy pillows, and soft and thick covers. And Diamond Hotel does not disappoint. The color scheme is warm and cherry, perfect for business or pleasure. We were immediately at ease. Aside from the bed, we loved the couch and the writing table. The room also had up to date equipment, perfect for the tech-savvy.





And of course, aside from the room, we enjoyed dipping in the pool so much! Mischa didn’t want it to end, but our hands were beginning to prune so off we went. We had another round anyway again the following morning. But we all basically just lazed around. Kids also had fun doing bath tub time. Perfect, perfect day!

Breakfast was a wonderful affair. We just had to line for a while because as I said, it was Fathers’ day so the place was pretty packed. But the bacon, waffles and dimsum are so worth it! Too bad I didn’t get to take any pictures of the spread as well as the Corniche. I like it that it has a wide selection of Filipino, Japanese and Intercontinental fare. Maxine feasted on bread, Mischa on cereals, husband on anything healthy, and me, well…

Happy dads’ day to our dearest daddy! we left with our bellies and hearts full. Great memories were again created. I love my family!



The cook strikes again

Okay I got to admit that ever since I had Maxine (read: 2 kids under the age of 5 at that time), cooking took a backseat. Whereas before when Mischa was a baby, I had help, and then when she grew up a little, we only had one kid around the house. Any mom, working or being a full-time one, can attest that exhaustion most often creeps up on you although we don’t like to admit that sometimes we want to complain.

Anyway, as we seem to be pretty much exhausted all the time, my efforts at the kitchen have been pretty much limited to preparing dishes in a hurry or that which takes as little tasks as possible. Hence, adobo and sinigang have taken centerstage, yummy yet easy to prepare.

But this weekend was a long weekend, and I feel kinda refreshed and rested so I went back to planning our menu (at least for the weekend), and actually executing them. Wheee! Also my poor picky panganay badly needs to be taught to eat a variety of food now that she’s all grown up, and the little one is experimenting with taste so…


Clockwise: sauteed pork and beans, minced chicken with eggplant, chicken pastel

Meet Rosie

Rosie is the newest member of the family. She was a gift to Mischa during her birthday by one of our colleagues. Truth be told, I am not keen on having this big a pet yet because I feel that our family is not ready. One, our house is too small and we couldn’t have it hopping around and spreading fur and what nots. Two, we do not have a fence, nor a backyard, so we couldn’t let it roam around. Three, and call me morbid, but it will die sooner or later, and I don’t know if my heart can take it if Mischa breaks down again, and could not move on from the loss for months (she still cries over the old car we had to trade because it was, well, old and it continually breaks down on us).

But well, Rosie is with us now. And we have to live with her fluffiness and cuteness.