The beginnings of asthma

I am sad that my bunso does not seem to be made of tougher stuff like her ate. While she’s so charming and lively, she gets sick more often than not. We always have to bring her to the doctor apart from the required check ups. Last weekend, after a bout of cough, shortness of breathing warranted another trip to the clinic. I literally saw my younger self as I watched her catch her breath, with shoulders high and a deep gap between her collarbones broke through. I knew the signs, have lived them for the most part of my childhood. Maxine, unfortunately, has an early onset of asthma ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Poor kid. She had to be nebulized at the clinic, and we even had to buy one of our own for home use. Sigh. It was always so hard living a life of asthma. We are hoping this goes away quickly and doesn’t hound her as she grows up.


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