Recovering my blogging mojo

There is something seriously wrong with my blogging mojo. I really have so much to write about, things we did as a family, Maxine’s milestones, Mischa’s emotional fragility, places I visited, hotels I want to review… Well, the list goes on and on. The drafts are definitely piling up. But somehow, there is wiring trouble between my brain and my fingertips. Maybe my heart is involved here somewhere. I don’t feel like writing anything down that much.

And it is poor Maxine who’s maybe indirectly “suffering” as I don’t get to document her life as much as I did with her sister. So sorry babe.

Anyway, we are also kind of preoccupied as we are preparing for two major celebrations in the family. Mama is turning 70, and Mischa will be 7 soon. Woot woot!



I hope I get to write more often after this. And I mean really write from the heart. Not because I have to.

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