Paw Patrol We’re on a Roll

We let Mischa drag us all to the Paw Patrol meet-and-greet at the Mall of Asia last weekend. I am totally relishing the remaining years of her being a kid. Days, weeks, months and years are totally slipping when it comes to child rearing! That’s why I always tell the husband who often times flies off the handle whenever the house is messy with toys, to enjoy and savor having mess and noise because before we know it, Mischa, who is turning 7, would soon be locked up in her room doing her own thing. There might even come a time when she wouldn’t want us around, or would be dragging her feet whenever we would go out as a family, or would prefer being with her friends. Sigh. I hope both she and her sister never do.

Anyway, so Paw Patrol! We had to buy Php1,000 (Php500 each kid) worth of merchandise from Toy Kingdom. As we are overflowing with toys, we bought them instead matching t-shirts with Mischa’s favorite pup, Skye, a sleeping bag which can double up as play mat and a place mat. There were several activities, including arm painting, games, and of course, mascot dancing. They even had their picture taken onstage. Happy family!







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