Hotel Venezia

When I was single and younger, I used to go to Bicol a lot because of my good friends, Allen and IC. But family happened, shift in career happened, kids happened…you get the drift. So I was glad to have come back for an overnighter last month. I didn’t get to go around this time, and the majestic Mayon Volcano hid its imposing figure behind a curtain of grey clouds so I was left to spend the day inside my hotel room. Which is not bad at all. It gave me a much needed me-time (aren’t mommies always clamoring for this??).

I stayed at Hotel Venezia, an upscale hotel located inside a private subdivision in Legazpi City. It was not new but it was still elegant and looks well-maintained. Only three-stories high, its modern and minimalist look draws in the weary traveler. My room was small to say the least. You could hardly walk around (but who walks around hotel rooms anyway?), and the queen-sized bed occupied the space between the one wall and the bathroom. But it was so comfortable, and I was plain happy that I get to have a bed all to myself once in a while.

You had to walk a few meters then take a jeepney or tricycle before you reach malls, restaurants and other places of interest. I really didn’t mind at all being holed up in my room. Because I had some time on my hands since work finished early, I had myself a rejuvenating massage. Hooray for some relaxation! The lone therapist at the hotel did a wonderful job although she kept up a chatter. I would have preferred a quiet session but, as she was probably lonely for some conversation, I endured her talking throughout the session. I think my occasional grunts and ayes sufficed because she kept on talking. I was lame and nice like that. lol.

Also had dinner at their in-house restaurant, as well as breakfast the next day.




Satisfied in general.

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