The beginnings of asthma

I am sad that my bunso does not seem to be made of tougher stuff like her ate. While she’s so charming and lively, she gets sick more often than not. We always have to bring her to the doctor apart from the required check ups. Last weekend, after a bout of cough, shortness of breathing warranted another trip to the clinic. I literally saw my younger self as I watched her catch her breath, with shoulders high and a deep gap between her collarbones broke through. I knew the signs, have lived them for the most part of my childhood. Maxine, unfortunately, has an early onset of asthma ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Poor kid. She had to be nebulized at the clinic, and we even had to buy one of our own for home use. Sigh. It was always so hard living a life of asthma. We are hoping this goes away quickly and doesn’t hound her as she grows up.


Exercising my right

A few weeks ago, I braved the heat and throng of people, together with a good number of the Philippine population as we chose our next leader. This Presidential election has got to be the most controversial, and I would say, most divisive as ordinary Filipinos, not only candidates themselves, slugged it out, mostly on social media. Even friendships and relationships were severely affected and tarnished as supporters clawed at each other in the name of defending their candidates. Which is very sad.

Anyway, while I was not that happy with the outcome, I, and the rest of the Philippines, will have to live with the choice of some 15 million. I am hoping for the best although there is apprehension in the deepest recesses of my gut. Praying for my country!





Cafe Terraza

Over a month ago, during an official trip to Roxas City, we went up to Pueblo de Panay, a newly reinvented/reconstructed business district in the city for dinner. We were recommended to go to Cafe Terraza, which is situated all the way up a hill, which overlooks the city. It was stunning to say the least, especially at night when all the city lights are open. There was an exhilarating feeling right in the center of your chest akin to watching a feel good movie.

The setting was set for a feel-good evening anyhow. There’s nothing better than comfort food coupled with breezy air and magnificent view to cap a working day. It erases your worries and stress for a while. And Cafe Terraza did just that.

However, as it is on top of a hill, you usually have to have your own private car to come and go. But since we’re visitors, we contracted the services of a good old manong and his tricycle.




KBL or kadios, baboy at langka


Seafood kare-kare


Calamares frito


An assortment of cakes, clockwise from left: blueberry cheesecake, red velvet and dulce de leche.


Ma turns 70

Mama didn’t want any fuss for her 70th birthday. But of course, we couldn’t let the event pass by just like that. It’s not everyday that people reach that kind of milestone. And it’s also a celebration of our gratitude that she is with us, and healthy at that, so we have so much to be thankful for.

Well, she actually changed her mind about not wanting a fuss because we saw how happy she was when she saw our closest relatives and her friends from work whom she hasn’t seen in a long time. So good times for her (and for us!).

On her actual natal day, since it was a weekday, I decided to stay home and let her have a simple treat. I did forego my birthday leave for her since I thought it was better to let her rest from taking care of my own kids.




And for her “grand” celebration:








Happy 70th Ma! Words cannot describe how much we love you and we thank God everyday for giving you to us.

Recovering my blogging mojo

There is something seriously wrong with my blogging mojo. I really have so much to write about, things we did as a family, Maxine’s milestones, Mischa’s emotional fragility, places I visited, hotels I want to review… Well, the list goes on and on. The drafts are definitely piling up. But somehow, there is wiring trouble between my brain and my fingertips. Maybe my heart is involved here somewhere. I don’t feel like writing anything down that much.

And it is poor Maxine who’s maybe indirectly “suffering” as I don’t get to document her life as much as I did with her sister. So sorry babe.

Anyway, we are also kind of preoccupied as we are preparing for two major celebrations in the family. Mama is turning 70, and Mischa will be 7 soon. Woot woot!



I hope I get to write more often after this. And I mean really write from the heart. Not because I have to.

Paw Patrol We’re on a Roll

We let Mischa drag us all to the Paw Patrol meet-and-greet at the Mall of Asia last weekend. I am totally relishing the remaining years of her being a kid. Days, weeks, months and years are totally slipping when it comes to child rearing! That’s why I always tell the husband who often times flies off the handle whenever the house is messy with toys, to enjoy and savor having mess and noise because before we know it, Mischa, who is turning 7, would soon be locked up in her room doing her own thing. There might even come a time when she wouldn’t want us around, or would be dragging her feet whenever we would go out as a family, or would prefer being with her friends. Sigh. I hope both she and her sister never do.

Anyway, so Paw Patrol! We had to buy Php1,000 (Php500 each kid) worth of merchandise from Toy Kingdom. As we are overflowing with toys, we bought them instead matching t-shirts with Mischa’s favorite pup, Skye, a sleeping bag which can double up as play mat and a place mat. There were several activities, including arm painting, games, and of course, mascot dancing. They even had their picture taken onstage. Happy family!







Hotel Venezia

When I was single and younger, I used to go to Bicol a lot because of my good friends, Allen and IC. But family happened, shift in career happened, kids happened…you get the drift. So I was glad to have come back for an overnighter last month. I didn’t get to go around this time, and the majestic Mayon Volcano hid its imposing figure behind a curtain of grey clouds so I was left to spend the day inside my hotel room. Which is not bad at all. It gave me a much needed me-time (aren’t mommies always clamoring for this??).

I stayed at Hotel Venezia, an upscale hotel located inside a private subdivision in Legazpi City. It was not new but it was still elegant and looks well-maintained. Only three-stories high, its modern and minimalist look draws in the weary traveler. My room was small to say the least. You could hardly walk around (but who walks around hotel rooms anyway?), and the queen-sized bed occupied the space between the one wall and the bathroom. But it was so comfortable, and I was plain happy that I get to have a bed all to myself once in a while.

You had to walk a few meters then take a jeepney or tricycle before you reach malls, restaurants and other places of interest. I really didn’t mind at all being holed up in my room. Because I had some time on my hands since work finished early, I had myself a rejuvenating massage. Hooray for some relaxation! The lone therapist at the hotel did a wonderful job although she kept up a chatter. I would have preferred a quiet session but, as she was probably lonely for some conversation, I endured her talking throughout the session. I think my occasional grunts and ayes sufficed because she kept on talking. I was lame and nice like that. lol.

Also had dinner at their in-house restaurant, as well as breakfast the next day.




Satisfied in general.