Sampaguita Gardens Resort

As a follow up to my post on my travel to Aklan, I am now featuring the Sampaguita Gardens Resort. One of the most visited tourist spot in the town of New Washington, this complex boasts of a hotel, function rooms, restaurants, pools, a spa, a chapel, a huge garden with larger than life statues and Jojo’s Christmas Cottage, a museum and store which houses Christmas decorations of all shapes and sizes. If you are a Precious Moments fan or collector, then this would be heaven to you.

The resort is a sprawling complex right by the sea side. It is a great venue for events or some quiet time with family and friends. We didn’t get to see the rooms though. Also the spa was closed the day we went there. But the Christmas cottage was something unique and interesting. It has three floors full of Precious Moments memorabilia interspersed with Christmas trinkets. It is Christmas all year round here, with the lights on especially at night. What I didn’t like: the heat. The whole museum was not air-conditioned and it was dusty. The garden was nice.












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