Austere Aklan

Working in the city, and living in the suburbs often times drains one. So once in awhile, it’s good to stop and smell (and enjoy!) the flowers in the countryside. As tiring and stressful my work is, I am glad that it has given me the opportunity to travel (whether local or international). And after the official work is done, I am free to go as I please! This has lessened considerably though in the last couple of years because I am always itching to go home to the kids.

Anyway, earlier this month, I was able to go around Kalibo, the capital town of Aklan, and the nearby towns of New Washington and Numancia, when I and some colleagues had time to kill before our flight. We were lucky to have my “seatmate” who hails from the town tour us around. Before Caticlan was fully developed, Kalibo was the gateway to Boracay. Now, the sleepy town is still an option but since it is further away from the famous beach destination, there is less people traffic here. Kalibo, despite the progress, cannot be a city, I was told, because it lacks the minimum land area. Maybe this has contributed to the somehow relaxed ambiance of the town, preserving its old-fashioned ways where people lived simply but happily.

Some of the places we visited:

St. John the Baptist Cathedral


Monument of New Washington’s well-known son, Jaime Cardinal Sin


Shrine of the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary across Cardinal Sin’s monument



Aklan’s Pink Sisters Convent


The Yard Grill and Restaurant, where we didn’t eat. We just wanted to see the place because we were told that this is a jump off point for a newly opened river cruise.




We also went to the Sampaguita Gardens, which deserves another post. But all in all, I am thankful for this trip. Despite the hot sun on our faces that afternoon, it is always nice to commune with nature, and the good-natured people in the provinces untouched by the craziness of city living. I would always take the chance to pack my bags, ride a tricycle and roam around the countryside in a heartbeat.

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