A proud moment for Mischa

It’s been a little over a year since Mischa started seriously saving money using this carriage coin bank someone gave her. She saved all her earnings, which are basically money we give her for doing chores and getting perfect scores in tests ranging from Php5 to P20, and money given to her as gifts.

Last weekend, after carefully counting her money, she let us exchange her coins for bills so she can use to actually buy the toy she wants. We wanted books or things for school, but oh well, it’s her money.


After mass on Sunday, off we went to the mall. By this time, she couldn’t sit still. As soon as we entered the store, she made a beeline for the Shopkins. She had a hard time choosing which ones she liked best, but if you’re a kid set loose inside Toy Kingdom, it’s just pure heaven.



She was so proud of herself afterwards. I wasn’t able to take a photo with her very first purchase because she got so busy as soon as we sat down to have lunch.

I hope she now realizes that hard work pays off, even in the simplest sense, and that she’ll continue striving so she can reap the benefits of her sacrifices.

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