Sisa’s Secret

We often passed by Sisa’s Secret whenever we head south using the South Expressway. Most of the time, we patronize the more known fast food restaurant. One day, we decided to try it after being encouraged by my mom who has tried it with my dad during one of their trips. And I loved it!

There wasn’t much crowd the day we were there. For one, there was construction right in front of it, and most of its facade was obstructed by makeshift steel and wooden structures. Nevertheless, curiosity got the better of me. And I was glad we weren’t disappointed.

The interior was nice, a little dark, but really, it was okay. You order food from a pre-set menu but they also serve viands, I assume, are cooked and changed on a daily basis, depending on the day’s catch or available stock. It was like an old-style but leveled up turo-turo carenderia one is used to in the Philippines. Since we were there around 10:00 a.m.-ish, I decided on a brunch fare, and zeroed in on Tuyo with fried rice and fried eggplants. How could you go wrong with tuyo? It was yummy with a capital Y!











They also have bottled goodies from the Chef Florabel line, as well as an in-house bakeshop serving cakes and pastries. We passed on these though as the servings we had were quite big. Aside from my tuyo, we had corned beef (Mischa’s request), grilled tuna belly, danggit and of course, bulalo. The prices are a little higher than the average meals but really worth it in my opinion. This is really my kind of restaurant and I would definitely come back here.

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