Nadai Fujisoba

On one of our nightly midweek forays to the mall (this has become our “dates” even though sometimes we just go to the grocery), we chanced upon Nadai Fujisoba in the deep recesses of MOA. At the moment, it is located in that part of the mall which is under construction so if you weren’t looking close enough, you would completely miss it. Surprisingly, the restaurant is more than half full. The inside was cozy but bright with murals on the walls.

I was very happy to have Japanese noodles, which is different altogether from ramen. At Nadai, you could even choose between udon and soba. Both of us ordered soba, he had Horensou while I had Ebi Ten. It was quite good. The servings are just right, and not as big as the ones in ramen houses nowadays where you can feed a neighborhood. lol. I tried experimenting with the chili sesame oil and ended up putting too much because it just smelled damn good. In Filipino, humagod mula lalamunan hanggang tiyan. Hot! But really good! The prices were also cheaper.




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