Sisa’s Secret

We often passed by Sisa’s Secret whenever we head south using the South Expressway. Most of the time, we patronize the more known fast food restaurant. One day, we decided to try it after being encouraged by my mom who has tried it with my dad during one of their trips. And I loved it!

There wasn’t much crowd the day we were there. For one, there was construction right in front of it, and most of its facade was obstructed by makeshift steel and wooden structures. Nevertheless, curiosity got the better of me. And I was glad we weren’t disappointed.

The interior was nice, a little dark, but really, it was okay. You order food from a pre-set menu but they also serve viands, I assume, are cooked and changed on a daily basis, depending on the day’s catch or available stock. It was like an old-style but leveled up turo-turo carenderia one is used to in the Philippines. Since we were there around 10:00 a.m.-ish, I decided on a brunch fare, and zeroed in on Tuyo with fried rice and fried eggplants. How could you go wrong with tuyo? It was yummy with a capital Y!











They also have bottled goodies from the Chef Florabel line, as well as an in-house bakeshop serving cakes and pastries. We passed on these though as the servings we had were quite big. Aside from my tuyo, we had corned beef (Mischa’s request), grilled tuna belly, danggit and of course, bulalo. The prices are a little higher than the average meals but really worth it in my opinion. This is really my kind of restaurant and I would definitely come back here.

Ian Loves Lucy

This post is so late as this happened on the first Saturday of February. Anyhow, gosh, I am officially a wedding sponsor material. Gone are my bridesmaids days. Sheesh. This makes me feel old more than anything.

But still, I am honored because these two “kids” were my juniors at work before, and I would like to think that I have imparted something good to them and their relationship. I was even more touched that out of their five ninangs, I was chosen to deliver the inspirational message.

So best wishes, my first inaanaks! I will always be here for you.







During our last trip to Tagaytay City, we had a late lunch at Tootsie’s per the recommendation of my aunt. It is one of the restaurants that have sprouted all over Tagaytay in the last few years that made the city one of the go-to places for people who is into food tripping. It sits right on the main highway but really doesn’t have a good vantage point of Taal Lake. The decor was simple and warm, and they serve comfort Filipino food. Specifically, most of its offerings are Southern Tagalog fare, which for a true blood Tagalog like me, is really comfort food. Everything just brought me home since I realized that I miss so much what we serve at my grandma’s home.

Pork with kadios

Deep fried tawilis

Sinigang na maliputo (what Ma craved the whole time)

Tilapia cutlets

And the best version of Turon halo halo I ever had in my entire life! I will go back for more for this!

The Theodore Hotel

We spent the weekend in Tagaytay City with the whole family in tow. The husband and I were the only ones who were supposed to go owing to my very first stint as principal sponsor in a friend’s wedding (I am getting old!) but Mama decided she wants to go and treat us because Mischa got really good grades during the second term and she performed so well at her school’s 40th anniversary. Because it was a last minute decision, and it was a long weekend, I had a hard time finding a good deal on hotels. Most have also been booked by the time I was searching on the net. So when I saw that the Theodore Hotel still had a family room free, I booked it right away.

Although right on the Tagaytay-Nasugbu (or was that Silang) Highway, the hotel was unobtrusive and you could have missed it entirely if you weren’t looking for it. It looked like somebody’s big family house. Before we checked in, we had lunch at the Ayala Serin Mall right across the street. Then we went straight to its garage instead of doing the front door, and from there, interns helped us with our bags and led us onto the elegant hallways to the reception.

It really seemed like an elegant and well-kept house! It was very tastefully decorated, from the muted tones to the carefully picked decorations. The hotel had a total of six rooms, each with a unique design. We were given the Cherry Blossoms superior room, and as the name implies, had a mixture of modern and Japanese decor. It had two queen-sized beds and a large day bed, which fit us perfectly.

I forgot to take a photo of the bathroom but it was huge and had a very interesting design. Just a little too dark though.

Breakfast, which we pre-ordered the day before, was served on the main dining area, overlooking a well-maintained garden with an awesome view of Taal Lake and Volcano.











The only downside of this hotel though, it had no proper restaurant. One cannot order anything else aside from breakfast. There are many restaurants in the area but as we left the oldies with the babies when we went to the wedding, this posed a slight problem when they couldn’t go out. But everything else was great in my opinion! I loved the homey and clean feel of the place.

Nadai Fujisoba

On one of our nightly midweek forays to the mall (this has become our “dates” even though sometimes we just go to the grocery), we chanced upon Nadai Fujisoba in the deep recesses of MOA. At the moment, it is located in that part of the mall which is under construction so if you weren’t looking close enough, you would completely miss it. Surprisingly, the restaurant is more than half full. The inside was cozy but bright with murals on the walls.

I was very happy to have Japanese noodles, which is different altogether from ramen. At Nadai, you could even choose between udon and soba. Both of us ordered soba, he had Horensou while I had Ebi Ten. It was quite good. The servings are just right, and not as big as the ones in ramen houses nowadays where you can feed a neighborhood. lol. I tried experimenting with the chili sesame oil and ended up putting too much because it just smelled damn good. In Filipino, humagod mula lalamunan hanggang tiyan. Hot! But really good! The prices were also cheaper.




Fresh by Solaire

After Mischa’s successful performance at the Solaire Theatre for her school’s 40th anniversary, we went to celebrate at Fresh, a buffet restaurant inside Solaire. It was pricey with P! But they have a really wide selection, and I thought it was better than the famed Spiral at Sofitel, and other buffet restaurants.

But being on a pseudo-diet (haven’t blogged about it but I was thinking I will if I get to be successful. lol), I zoomed in only at the stations close to my heart. I stayed away from the lechon, the tempura and the dessert, which is really saying something. But I couldn’t resist the European cheeses, seafood and maki. In short, we’re lugi because I didn’t have my usual fill. Good thing also that Mischa is free, yay!








40tude is an Attitude

Mischa’s schools is celebrating its 40th founding anniversary this year. One of its major, major activity is a school production called “40tude is an Attitude”. I call it major because the school and the participants, including Mischa, spent months and months of preparation for practices, costume fittings, dress rehearsals. We even had to pick her up at the last technical rehearsal at the Solaire Theatre at past 10:00 p.m. Not really the best time for kids to go home but…

And all their hard paid off! The show was spectacular! And my little girl was so good, I really wanted to cry in happiness! Here is a video:

But that was just the act where Mischa played a part in. They had, I think, more than 10 acts, each performed by selected grade levels. Could not take a video of them all, but they were all great.




Since the tickets were a little expensive, and kids below 3 years are not allowed, it was just me, Mike and Mico who watched while Maxine stayed with Mama and Lolo.