Separate ways

One weekend, we went separate ways and attended two events. We don’t usually do this because we each tag along in whatever activity we have since weekends are our opportunities to be together. Even when Ate Mischa has to go to school, for example, for practices, Maxine gets dragged along. Unfortunately, this time, Dad, Maxine and I went to Batangas, while Mischa went with the grandparents to a friend’s 7th birthday. I was a bit sad but happy, too, because Maxine seldom gets to be with us without her Ate.

So we are at the San Guillermo Parish in Talisay, Batangas. Was not able to take any photos with the bride and groom!


On the way to Batangas, we took the newly opened Manila-Cavite Expressway, or MCX, then South Luzon then Star Tollway. We exited at Tanauan and drove about half an hour before reaching Talisay. On the way home, we found out that it just takes about 10 minutes to Tagaytay City, which is nearer to our place! But the road was uphill, steep and so winding. It was actually kind of dangerous, especially for those not used to driving there. But we made it. Whew! I held my breath for a while there. lol.

Here is Mischa, on the other hand, during Jan Carmel’s fairy-themed 7th birthday party. These were taken by one of our mommy friends.



The party looks so kikay, I am sorry to have missed it! Now Mischa has so many ideas for her own 7th birthday, and I am so pressured right now!

One look

Three pictures taken in 1980, 2010 and 2016. It’s like a reincarnation of some sort, don’t you think? (of course, I’m still alive)


I am very happy with how uncanny my daughters look like me. Three peas in a pod. Cut from the same cloth. Nobody could deny they’re mine. Okay, okay, at least half. I can see the murderous look my husband is throwing me.

Alexa’s royal party

I think it’s a year of more children’s parties for us this year because Mischa and most of her classmates, both old and new, will turn 7 this year. I’m not sure in other countries, but in the Philippines, being 7 is a big deal. It seems like a crossing over from being a small kid to being a big kid (huhuhu for moms). I think it’s the general age of real independence and the period that every kid becomes himself or herself outside the family. It creates a myriad of emotions for parents like mne — from elation to anxiety and everything in between! It also makes me feel old hahaha. Our kids now have full-pledged friends that they don’t seem to need us that much anymore. Sniff! Just feeling nostalgic every time I realize everything seems to fly by so fast when it comes to raising kids. One minute they’re tugging at your skirts (or pants), the next they’re off giggling and whispering with their peers.

Anyway, our first this year is the Sofia the First-themed royal party of Denielle Alexa, one of Mischa’s classmates in AJV and a present school mate in Seton. Her family will soon move in to a new house about two blocks away from ours so I anticipate they’ll be closer than they were before when they start playing at each other’s houses. Alexa’s younger sister is also the same age at Maxine. I’m sure they’re going to be friends in the future too.



She had this part during her party that her elders sang native songs, I would assume, are of greetings and blessings. Must be a tradition from the province they came from. Very nice.


7th birthday parties now have the 7 roses, much like the 18 roses for debutantes when you dance with 18 of the most important boys/men in your life.


The girls, in turn, are the 7 balloons. Mischa was one. She said her birthday greetings and wish for Alexa.


Maxine also came to party!


Alexa and Mischa with Mischa’s old best friends in Kinder, Learsi.


Happy birthday Alexa!

My new team

I briefly mentioned in my last post that I have been dealt with challenges at work. And one of these is a major major project of the office that hasn’t been, I would say, taking off as planned despite existing for about three years now. I will not say much about it, but only that the task at hand is kind of daunting knowing the expectations for me to turn it around. Hayayay! But I am claiming that I can! And these are the people who will form my team:



It’s really a mixture of some of my old staff brought in with new ones, and some that I have worked with before. So I am staying positive. We have a hefty responsibility on our shoulders but after 15 years in public service and in this office, ‘No” has never been a choice for me. Bring it on!

As the new year turned

We are grateful for the year that was, and excited to what lies beyond.

Personally, am thankful for the gift of my wonderful family. I couldn’t have asked for more, except maybe a baby boy in the future. lol.

Thankful also for the work I have because it helps me raise my family, and allows me to step into another of my persona apart from mother and wife. Scared and excited for the challenges being thrown my way right now. I know God will provide and protect as long as I do my best.

Happy 2016! (sorry for the yagit look)