Christmas away from home

For the first time in my 36 years of existence, I did not spend Christmas day in my own home. From my grandparents’ house to my parents’ house to our house in Taytay a few years back, I have always spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in wherever home I call mine. But this year, we celebrated the most important day in the lives of Christians in my brother’s house. I was actually very tired this year because I had to render overtime days before we had our Christmas break and I was always up at dawn to complete the 9-day novena for Misa de Gallo. But of course, I cooked our noche buena. It was nothing fancy–just had Christmas ham and cooked three kinds of pasta. The kids were asleep the whole time so we also didn’t get to have a family photo.

But everyone was happy that we were all together.




The next day, we jumped house to my sister in law’s where the husband’s parents, siblings and our nieces and nephews were. Too bad we didn’t get to take any photo at ALL.

Hope your family also had a meaningful celebration.

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