The Clean Plate by Twist

A random weekend brought us to UP Town Center in Diliman, Quezon City to meet up with Mico. I was surprised that what used to be a small row of restaurants along Katipunan Avenue has bloomed into a full complex of go-to places. Think medium- to high-end restos and bars, and retail stores targeting families and college kids populating UP, Miriam, Ateneo and other schools in the area. It’s awesome! Ayala Land (I think) did a wonderful job developing that parcel of land. It has grown exponentially since the first time we went there a year ago. Too bad I didn’t get a photo of the huge compound.

clean plate (1)

We also had a late lunch at the Clean Plate by Twist. We chose this because it appealed to the husband because it offers healthy options over all the newer establishments we passed by. I was hesitant because no. 1: I wasn’t exactly into commercialized healthy living/eating, no. 2: it is probably crazy expensive, and no. 3: it’ll probably be bland, which is not exactly my cup of tea. I was all into enjoying and savoring my food. But since the husband almost always just goes wherever I want to go, I decided to give in this time.

But sadly, my fears were founded, and I was right on all counts.

I know I have mentioned it somewhere in my blog before that I frown upon commercializing organic and healthier choices. Yes I know, we could all do good by choosing healthier food and living a healthier lifestyle. But in my humblest opinion, and I may be wrong, I don’t think it shouldn’t cost an arm and leg. I may also be ignorant, but shouldn’t food grown organically does away with chemicals, such as artificial enhancers, fertilizers, etc. etc.? So doesn’t that mean that producers actually save some cost intended for that? Maybe I have yet to learn more about this. The thing is, being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. It makes it even harder to get the message (if this is an advocacy for health buffs) across if this looks like it’s a fad not meant for those who are scrimping on their budget.

And this resto is not an exception. The portions were small for the price. I could have spent that much and been able twice the number we had. It gives a whole new meaning to the word bitin.

As for the taste, I really had better. If only they made up for the steep price, I probably wouldn’t have said all these things haha. I have dined from the streets of Paranaque (where I had my primary schooling) to the posh hotels and restaurants in London, Washington DC, Dubai, and forking out money for food has not been an issue if the quality was great.

It was bland, and the beef was completely rubbery. Good luck to those who have dentures.

But their decor is a completely different story. It was ‘clean’ by all means.

clean plate (2)

clean plate (3)


Pork Binagoongan

clean plate (6)

Bistek Tagalog

clean plate (7)

Homestyle Fried Chicken

clean plate (8)

Escabecheng Maya-maya

clean plate (5)

House Brewed Organic Iced Tea

clean plate (4)

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