Discovery Shores Boracay

Our year-end office planning took us out of town, and we couldn’t have asked for a better venue than Boracay! It is one of my favorite places on Earth with its white sand, blue sea and skies, and that wonderful vibe. It is unfortunate though, that while this is the first time that both the husband and I were out of town at the same time, it is the time that Mischa got sick and had to be checked at the ER. Thank God it wasn’t anything serious but it was a gritting-my-nails (figurative because I don’t bite my nails but the feeling is akin to this) kind of worry. So essentially, we had to work, and although we were given some leeway to enjoy ourselves, it is half-hearted.

So here we are on the way to paradise…



Had to put our heads together and work, work, work…


But one thing about this outing, we were treated to A-class amenities! We were billeted at the Discovery Shores Boracay, which is way above the joints I have stayed in so far in this island. The first I noticed was how courteous and warm all of their staff was. I know it is part of their duties and functions to be polite and helpful to customers, but I really felt their sincerity in rendering service. It was as if it was really their pleasure in having us. I mean really! It does not feel perfunctory or forced.

So two thumbs and two big toes up for service!

The set up for meals are also pretty to look at, case in point is our exclusive table for our welcome lunch.


And this is what our amazing suite looked like. Since there were four of us, we were given the 1-bedroom family suite. It had its own dining and living area, and the latter can be converted into beds for two. Everything, including the bathroom was just inviting, with their warm tones and soft hues. I could have stayed all day during our free day if only the beach didn’t beckon.






Unfortunately though, I was not that satisfied with their food. It was only okay, and I was honestly expecting more for an ultra-rated resort. It was not bad, but it was a definitely a letdown.

But as I said, the amenities and the staff, more than made up for it.

And how could being on this beautiful place on this planet fail to lift one’s spirit up? Aside from being with my daughters, being on the beach, specifically this beach, are some of the best moments of my life. Digging my toes on its pristine white sand as the waves softly lap at your feet is one of greatest joys.


And witnessing this sunset almost tops that!



This is truly the life!



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