The Peppa-tastic program

More than a week since our bunso, Maxine, celebrated her first birthday, the high is beginning to wane. But just like any other event in our little family’s life, we cherish each and every minute of it. I do hope that when my daughters are old enough to understand, they can take the time, read my blog and relive Mommy’s memories. While this started as a personal journal, for my thoughts to have some sort of outlet, now it has become a record book of our family’s memories and milestones, big or small.

So Maxine’s first birthday fell on a Sunday, and a stormy day at that. I remember only too well that it was also rainy the day I was wheeled to the operating room to welcome her. (Come to think of it, even Mischa was born on a stormy day!) I was already wide awake at 3:00 o’clock in the morning as the wind pounded on the windows of our hotel room. My gut was doing flips as anxiety filled me. Thoughts of people not showing up and a less than half filled function room chased around my head. I was already worried about what I will do with tons of leftovers! But I could have kicked myself for being the worrywart. The good Father God spared us the rains, and our friends and family came over! Really over the moon happy we were!


It was smooth sailing after that. Though many of our visitors were late, the program went more than well. I thought everybody had fun, especially the kids. Many thanks of course to our host, Chayno, who handled it from the start. Our suppliers were there way ahead of the agreed time (review to follow in another post), and the turnout was the best party we have thrown so far, humility aside. I have no regrets about almost killing myself with the preparations, DIY-ing most of it, instead of choosing a normal, all-in, generic kids’ place.

The celebrant was a little subdued, though. I don’t think she cared about her party haha. Most of the time, she was burrowing her face in the chest and arms of whoever happened to be carrying her.

The face painting, games, magic show, decorations, party favors, loot bags, and photobooth were all hits. And Ate Mischa played a very special role in reading the prayer and saying thanks for our feast.

















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