Another fitness regimen

…which I hope I could sustain. As anybody who knows me would say, I am not one to be really conscious of my health and body. I know I should be. But really, priorities (mine) would have to be laid down first. I don’t want to jump on any bandwagon, whether these are food supplements, diet pills, marathons, membership at the gyms, buying crazily expensive organic food, etcetera. Next, I don’t want any pressure from anyone about my figure. I know and acknowledge that I am on the chubby side, which has become more and more apparent after I gave birth twice, and my fats and bulges don’t seem to be going anywhere and are comfy where they are. And lastly, I really don’t want to go on any kind of diet because I love eating. Period.

If anything else, I would try to stay fit because of my health. I am aware that I am raising two beautiful children, and they have a long way to go because I can leave them to fend for themselves. So with that motivation, I know I have to be healthy and strong.

Which is why, I have agreed to the prodding of my workmates to join them in their quest for a healthier body and lifestyle.



At the very least, I can sweat off calories, and exercise my lungs, abs, legs and what-nots. Maybe I’ll add more seconds and minutes into my life.

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