Horrible influenza

Mothers would always say that her heart breaks whenever she has a sick child. That is exactly how I felt for about a week when Maxine was bogged down by a horrible flu virus. Good Lord! I am blessed to have two relatively healthy kids who seldom get sick, but when they do, ugh! I would have gladly traded places with them and bear all the pain they have. So disheartening to see.

Maxine had on and off low-grade fever that lasted for six days. Towards the middle of her bout with flu, she stopped eating and drinking milk. And because the fever just wouldn’t go away, there was always the threat of dengue hanging over our heads. When we brought her to the doctor, she had to undergo some blood tests for platelet count. It was a real agony for me. Her wails as she was restrained by two medical technologists and as the needle struck her skin was almost more than I could bear. My poor baby 😦



Thank goodness she’s doing loads better now. She’s lost a lot of weight but slowly her appetite’s going back to normal. Her energy is almost up. I missed her giggles and baby talk.

They say here in the Philippines that ganyan talaga pag malapit na ang birthday. I was just relieved it was nothing serious and it’s over now. Excited for her first birthday celebration this weekend!

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