Heartbroken twice over

Warning: completely subjective post ahead

As I posted on my Facebook wall last Saturday, I didn’t know one could get her heart broken twice in such as short span of time. My heart bled for my two teams: the UP Pep Squad and Gilas Pilipinas. They both lost in such a gruesome fashion one after the other that netizens (alright, presumably Filipinos and graduates of the premier University of the Philippines) have used hashtags like #luto #cookingshow, etc. But who could blame them? Call them and me bitter and sour losers, we lost anyway.

The cheerdancing competition for one is completely and utterly subjective. The scoring is solely dependent on the discretion of judges just like any game where one cannot really follow rules. It is just tough luck that we are unable to regain the crown from uber-funded National University. But how can one just ignore the sheer grace, intensity and showmanship of the guys and gals from UP. And the use of the school’s hymn, UP Naming Mahal just failed to move the judges (in Filipino, hindi sila naantig or napukaw ang damdamin!). Apparently #utak (brains) and #puso (heart) are not enough. Never mind that the other teams committed mistake after mistake.


The Gilas team, on the other hand, is coming home with a silver trophy and individual medals after losing to FIBA 2015 host, China. The team lost spectacularly during the championship after battling the best teams in Asia. Yes, we are indeed proud that the Philippines came a long way and fought the valiantly this basketball war. With eyes on an Olympic slot, all the players trooped to no man’s land, and eliminated one enemy after another. Then only to face the worst enemies of all — referees and homecourt advantage of the Chinese. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy that led to the eventual demise of the team’s confidence and consequent defense.

Better luck next time guys?

Move on, Marie.

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