Our weird teeth

Okay, so our family don’t have the best set of teeth. Both I and Mico had to have orthodontic treatments to straighten our crooked teeth when we were younger. The hubby also cannot boast of a dazzling set of pearly whites, haha.

So it was no surprise that the two kids did not follow the, you could say “normal”, pattern and growth of teeth expected of babies and kids. I know that usually, the two lower milk teeth erupt first, followed by the two upper teeth. Before Mischa turned a year old, she had four front lower teeth. Maxine’s first tooth, on the other hand, was the upper front tooth followed by the lower front tooth. Her other front upper tooth is now erupting, too.

maxine teeth

Not very conventional eh?

The Peppa-tastic program

More than a week since our bunso, Maxine, celebrated her first birthday, the high is beginning to wane. But just like any other event in our little family’s life, we cherish each and every minute of it. I do hope that when my daughters are old enough to understand, they can take the time, read my blog and relive Mommy’s memories. While this started as a personal journal, for my thoughts to have some sort of outlet, now it has become a record book of our family’s memories and milestones, big or small.

So Maxine’s first birthday fell on a Sunday, and a stormy day at that. I remember only too well that it was also rainy the day I was wheeled to the operating room to welcome her. (Come to think of it, even Mischa was born on a stormy day!) I was already wide awake at 3:00 o’clock in the morning as the wind pounded on the windows of our hotel room. My gut was doing flips as anxiety filled me. Thoughts of people not showing up and a less than half filled function room chased around my head. I was already worried about what I will do with tons of leftovers! But I could have kicked myself for being the worrywart. The good Father God spared us the rains, and our friends and family came over! Really over the moon happy we were!


It was smooth sailing after that. Though many of our visitors were late, the program went more than well. I thought everybody had fun, especially the kids. Many thanks of course to our host, Chayno, who handled it from the start. Our suppliers were there way ahead of the agreed time (review to follow in another post), and the turnout was the best party we have thrown so far, humility aside. I have no regrets about almost killing myself with the preparations, DIY-ing most of it, instead of choosing a normal, all-in, generic kids’ place.

The celebrant was a little subdued, though. I don’t think she cared about her party haha. Most of the time, she was burrowing her face in the chest and arms of whoever happened to be carrying her.

The face painting, games, magic show, decorations, party favors, loot bags, and photobooth were all hits. And Ate Mischa played a very special role in reading the prayer and saying thanks for our feast.

















Louise and Lucas

My twin niece and nephew (through a cousin) were born a week after Maxine, and they celebrated their first birthday yesterday. Twins are fascinating, especially if identical. But as a mom, although I would welcome a blessing like this, I wouldn’t dream of having them haha. I know the first few days, weeks, months and years would be hard. I would lose twice as much sleep, and would probably really turn into a zombie by the time their first birthday rolls around, especially for us who have no househelp. The idea would be fun, though.

Happy birthday Louise and Lucas!

Their party was intimate and not your usual kids’ party fare. It was held in Amici Greenhills, just enough for their close family and friends to gather. They did not have the usual games and shows typically present in a birthday party. But they had a caddy decorating portion for kids, which Ate Mischa definitely enjoyed.






Another fitness regimen

…which I hope I could sustain. As anybody who knows me would say, I am not one to be really conscious of my health and body. I know I should be. But really, priorities (mine) would have to be laid down first. I don’t want to jump on any bandwagon, whether these are food supplements, diet pills, marathons, membership at the gyms, buying crazily expensive organic food, etcetera. Next, I don’t want any pressure from anyone about my figure. I know and acknowledge that I am on the chubby side, which has become more and more apparent after I gave birth twice, and my fats and bulges don’t seem to be going anywhere and are comfy where they are. And lastly, I really don’t want to go on any kind of diet because I love eating. Period.

If anything else, I would try to stay fit because of my health. I am aware that I am raising two beautiful children, and they have a long way to go because I can leave them to fend for themselves. So with that motivation, I know I have to be healthy and strong.

Which is why, I have agreed to the prodding of my workmates to join them in their quest for a healthier body and lifestyle.



At the very least, I can sweat off calories, and exercise my lungs, abs, legs and what-nots. Maybe I’ll add more seconds and minutes into my life.

Krabby patty making

Mischa and I bonded over one of her projects called “Krabby Patty Making”. They had to make a burger, and her assignment was to bring the patty, bread and cheese. So I decided to make her patty from scratch, instead of buying ready made burger patties from the supermarket, since she has to be able to enumerate the ingredients and tell the procedure. It was our first time to cook together, and because we had fun, I think I will endeavor to make this a regular activity with the girls.

Because, like any other busy mom, I would often like to breeze through my kitchen activities, and now I feel guilty because my tendency was to shoo Mischa away usually so I can go on with whatever I have to finish. Starting now, I vow to involve her, and Maxine in the future, in the kitchen. I believe cooking skills is a good weapon to have.






Happy 1st birthday Maxine Athena!

A year has gone by just like that. My teeny weeny bit of a baby, born at only 5 lbs. is now an ass-kicking, little ball of happiness.


Just like what I posted in another social media platform, our hearts are overflowing with love and gratitude. We just celebrated Maxine’s first birthday yesterday, and we did it surrounded by the people who love us the most. As dawn broke, we were all so worried that people would not be able to make it to her party since Typhoon Lando just made landfall. Although the rains were minimal, the winds were lashing like there was no tomorrow. But our fears were unfounded, thank God!

More on the party later. But just wanted to share our happiness.


I love you so much my little princess. I always pray for your health and safety.

Deandrei’s 7th birthday

Before we celebrated Maxine’s first birthday, we dropped by one of Mischa’s kinder classmates, Deandrei’s 7th birthday. The weekend was a little gloomy with a looming typhoon over the Metro and surrounding provinces, including Cavite. But that didn’t stop us, our mommy and grandma friends, and the kids, of course. I think that, despite them attending different schools, that these AJV kids are unlikely to forget each other soon because we often see each other during birthdays. I predict more of these parties as most of them will be turning seven this year until next year.

Happy birthday Deandrei!