Adult coloring

There’s a new craze in town and I am trying to jump on the bandwagon. Hello, coloring for adults!



I got these from Mico some time back but only had the time to start it last weekend. The hype is true, it is a de-stressor of sorts. There’s something about filling out the spaces that is restful. Of course, it is only a moderate form of de-stressing and if you think that your problems (especially at work) will be solved or if you expect to have a eureka moment after this, think again! Strictly for entertainment purposes only. Hahaha, it’s just me. Wish I could do this more often though. But with two kids under the age of ten with varying degrees of need, I am lucky if I could get an hour straight of me-time at home. Not complaining, though.

I even let Mischa have a crack at “my” coloring book.


Hooray for long weekends and some mommy time!

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